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Top Celebrities Share Their Classic Cars With The Auto World

Cameron EittreimMarch 11, 2021

Ford Falcon XB - Eric Bana
Photo Credit: Autoblog

6: Ford Falcon XB – Eric Bana

The Ford Falcon XB was a prominent muscle car in Australia. The Falcon XB had the lines of the other popular muscle cars on the market. Eric Bana has been in a few well-known movies like Troy and Thor. The actor has a knack for being appealing to the masses and his movies are ever popular. He has entered the Ford Falcon XB in quite a few driving competitions and he continues to do well to this day.

1973 XB GT Ford Falcon, Mad Max
via: Sixpacktech

With the right upgrades, the Ford Falcon XB can be a notable road car and a classic at the same time. The design of the car was overshadowed at a time when the Mustang and the GTO were massively popular and influential cars.

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood - Dita Von Teese
Photo Credit: TMZ

5: 1953 Cadillac Fleetwood – Dita Von Teese

Von Teese is another celebrity who has indulged in the classic car business. Her Cadillac Fleetwood is a prime example of how someone can showcase a classic. The earliest model Cadillacs were known for their luxury and performance. The Fleetwood was the pinnacle of the Cadillac lineup at a time when the brand was the premier luxury brand on the market. For sheer driving pleasure, the Fleetwood is known for quality. Von Teese has done a few notable things to hers such as aftermarket rims and a new paint job.

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

In addition to that, the performance upgrades have given the Fleetwood more performance than you’d think. We’d love to see more examples of what she’d do to her future classic cars. This particular Fleetwood is a well-designed example of one of Cadillac’s premier luxury vehicles.

Ben Affleck's 1966 Chevelle SS
Photo Credit: TMZ

4: Ben Affleck’s 1966 Chevelle SS

Few people have such a meteoric rise to fame as Affleck did. He started in simple flicks and moved his way up to being one of the biggest names in Hollywood. When he isn’t dating an A-list superstar or filming his next hit film, you can find him driving his 1966 Chevelle SS. The car is one of the most popular muscle cars in the world and with good reason. GM was hitting on all cylinders when the Chevelle came into play, and it offered a relatively good amount of performance for the price.

1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

The Chevelle is among one of the most expensive classic cars that you can get your hands on. Affleck has kept his chevelle fairly stock except for a beautiful cherry red paint job and aftermarket rims. When it comes to restoring a classic car like this, it’s always better to keep as close to the original styling as possible.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Xtreme Lee'
Photo Credit: Motor Trend

3: Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Xtreme Lee

The General Lee Dodge Charger is one of the most iconic muscle cars ever, but actor Kenny Wayne Shepard made a modern rendition. His modern take on a classic has a new set of modern racing wheels as well as a much smoother paint job. The overall look of the Xtreme Lee is very clean and subtle, but it does what you can expect it to do. The Charger was always one of the best-performing muscle cars on the road. With these modern upgrades, he has been able to cultivate a classic that can still perform well.

Dodge Charger
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

The look of the Xtreme Lee is much more contemporary than the original Charger that was featured in the movies. Nevertheless, this is one of the only examples in the world so if you wanted to pick one of these up it would be next to impossible.

Lewis Hamilton's Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor
Photo Credit: Motor Trend

2: Lewis Hamilton’s Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor

Naturally, if you are the best IndyCar driver in the world, you’re going to have an extensive car collection. Lewis Hamilton takes his collection seriously, and one such car is the GT500 Eleanor that he owns. Nothing about this Mustang is stock and that’s alright because it is a screaming example of a great car. With a beautiful candy paint job, there is no way you’ll miss this car coming down the road. The aftermarket rims stand out from the crowd and the stanced look of the car helps things out.

1969 Mustang, John Wick
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

Don’t just think that this Mustang is only for looks because the Coyote swapped engine makes it a performance powerhouse. Lewis has done a lot to stand out from the crowded sea of drivers on the IndyCar circuit. His Mustang likewise is also an impressive example of what you can do right with a classic car.

Photo Credit: Jay Lenos Garage

1: Joe Rogan’s Corvette C2 Stingray Restomod

Rogan made a name for himself with the hi show Fear Factor, and although he hosts a popular podcast now he still has a love for cars. One of the most notable cars that he owns is Rogan’s Corvette C2 Stingray Restomod. The metal look of the car and the paint job give it that Madd Maxx looks that you’d expect. The rims are very high-end and extremely rare, which in the case of this car do it justice. You’d almost think that this particular Corvette is a giant-sized Hot Wheels car because of the unique look.

Photo Credit: Jay Leno Garage

Rogan has quite the collection of cars but this particular model was a personal project that he wanted to complete. With his friend and co-radio host Adam Corolla, the Corvette came out as one of the most unique models around. You’ll seldom find a vehicle as unique as Rogan’s Corvette C2 Stingray Restomod.

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