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20 Everyday Rides Jay Leno Is Proud To Own

Cameron EittreimOctober 25, 2021

Photo Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

2: 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible

There was a time when the Pontiac brand was the focal point of the youth movement. The GTO was as much an automotive icon as the Mustang and the Chevelle. Designed by legendary automotive engineer John Delorean, the GTO was a massive success. Selling the thousands in its first year, the GTO broke almost every sales record imaginable (via Motorious).

Photo Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

Pontiac also got a nice bump in publicity when Car and Driver put the 1964 Pontiac GTO up against the Ferrari GTO and it won. Marketing in the 1960s was a lot different than it is today, and the GTO was a success in just about every way. Leno has taken pride in his GTO model and continues to be a Pontiac aficionado.

Photo Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

1: 1989 Ford Shogun

No, this isn’t a Ford Festiva you are looking at, it’s the Ford Shogun. This is a Ford Festiva with a Ford Taurus SHO engine crammed into the backseat. The lightweight design and extreme performance gave the car some of the most awe-inspiring driving characteristics ever (via Drive Tribe).

Photo Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

But not to be outdone, Leno added Nitrous to the setup as well. Other than adding the NOS, most of the car is all factory. There is still a factory tape player and the paint is still in the same condition as when he purchased the car in 1989. You might think this is just an everyday hatchback, but in Leno’s case, you’d be very wrong. It’s interesting to observe that Leno has such a diverse selection of cars including this Shogun.

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