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1960s Muscle Cars That Aged Quite Well (Plus Five That Are Hideous)

Cameron Eittreim May 24, 2021

Photo Credit: Edmunds

3: 1968 AMC Javelin (Hideous)

AMC was, at one point, one of the major automotive manufacturers in the country. Emphasizing design and performance the brand brought us some of the most iconic vehicles on the road, which includes the Jeep Cherokee. Sadly the Javelin didn’t get the memo when it came to the looks department.

Photo Credit: Car Domain

This particular muscle car was just downright ugly from the exterior and the interior wasn’t much better. Collectors have been yearning for the Javelin in recent years as the classic car bubble heats up. With the basic bones of a muscle car, there is a lot of potential for this car if you’re willing to put the time and money into it.

Photo Credit: Hot Rod

2: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T (Hideous)

The late 1960s were an iconic time for the muscle car industry and Dodge presented some changes to the Charger line. Unfortunately, the styling of the car just didn’t stand the test of time. For starters, the body panels of the car were just too large, which still stands true with the current Charger models.

Photo Credit: Hot Rod

They are just big, and that’s both good and bad. Still from a collector’s standpoint, the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T stands out from the crowd. Performance was at the top of its game and this was right on the heels of the new EPA regulations.

Photo Credit: Mecum

1: 1968 Ford Torino 428 Cobra Jet

Ford kept the Torino line going for quite some time alongside the Mustang. There was a lot to like about the Torino but its styling wasn’t one of the reasons. From a performance standpoint, the 1968 Ford Torino 428 Cobra Jet handled business as well as you could expect. There were subtle upgrades that many owners would do to these cars but for the most part, it was a great ride.

Photo Credit: Mecum

We just wish that Ford could have done something different with the styling. It didn’t do the car any favors and shortly after this the Ford Torino was discontinued. The 1968 Ford Torino 428 Cobra Jet is by far one of the rarest and most controversial sports cars.

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