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40 Cars That Went Down As The Worst Vehicles In Auto History

Cameron EittreimJuly 21, 2021

Photo Credit: Edmunds

2: Mazda 5 (2015)

The Mazda 5 never stood a chance to be a sales success. It was smaller than almost any other minivan on the market, and that market was shrinking. Mazda had never sold a lot of minivans and the 5 was just a victim of this. The small dimensions of the car were no match for Americans.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

A fair amount of these models went to rental car lots, and then the model was quietly discontinued in favor of crossovers. The Mazda 5 had a lot of unique potential but it just didn’t fit into the larger scope of the Mazda lineup.

Photo Credit: Nissan

1: Nissan Juke (2015)

You must give the Nissan Juke credit for being a unique-looking SUV. The Juke had an underpowered engine which was the first thing that consumers disliked about it. Then you had the fact that the front fascia of the thing looked more like a bug than an actual car. The Juke had some potential but consumers just didn’t receive it the right way.

Photo Credit: Nissan

The Juke will undeniably go down as one of the most recent failures for the Nissan brand. The thing had a lot of promise if the market had been there for it. Sadly, consumers just weren’t digging its radical styling and the lack of power.

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