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The Most Futuristic Electric Cars You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Cameron Eittreim January 5, 2023

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Chevrolet S-10 Electric

General Motors was never a company to be outdone by Ford, and when Ford unveiled the Ranger EV in the ’90s, GM had its own answer. The S-10 Electric was also a fleet vehicle only available in a single trim. The range wasn’t all that great and the truck was about as basic as it came (via Hot Cars).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

From the rubber floors to the black grill and bumpers the S-10 Electric wasn’t anything great to look at. But the fact that it was electric was appealing to fleet customers, who needed to save money on their bottom lines.

Photo Credit: TMZ

Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma beat Tesla to the market by a long shot and the car was the sweetheart of environmentally conscious celebrities. But its high price tag and relatively unknown brand meant the car was bound to fail. Karma never broke any sales records and there were very few produced (via Car and Driver).

Photo Credit: Fisker

But the beautiful styling of the Karma almost made you forget it was an electric car. The Karma wasn’t produced but for a few short years. Interestingly enough the brand is going to be making a resurgence with the new Fisker Ocean model.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster was the car that started it all for the company. And although the Tesla Roadster is primitive by today’s standards, it was the standard bearer for what a production electric car should be. There were points in time when Tesla was almost out of money bringing the Roadster to the market (via Car Buzz).

Photo Credit: Edmunds

The earliest Tesla Roadster models were plagued with bugs and issues, but it was enough to get the company ahead. The Roadster was a success for Tesla and it was one of the most futuristic vehicles on the road.

Photo Credit: BMW


The BMW E1 was a concept car released in the 1990s. While it didn’t look like much from the outside the design was great. The technology that went into the E1 was far ahead of the time. Like with most electric vehicles from this period, BMW had to stick to a fairly compact design (via Car & Driver).

Photo Credit: BMW

The E1 was never mass-produced, but BMW continued to perfect the technology for years to come. While most modern EV manufacturers are getting all the notoriety it was BMW that was one of the first major players.

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