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30 Things That Will Disappear From The Auto Industry By 2030

Cameron EittreimAugust 18, 2021

Photo Credit: Edmunds

3: Sunroofs

The sunroof used to be an option in the car that made the difference if you wanted an open-air feeling. But the new generation of cars is often incorporating a panoramic roof and thus the need for a moon-roof is all but gone. The sunroof would often leak and there were a lot of issues with the quality as cars got older.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Instead of having to replace costly sunroof motors, it is much cheaper to have a panoramic roof. Oftentimes the viewing is much better on a panoramic roof and the open-air feeling is a lot nicer. So the sunroof will very soon fade off into the sunset, and it will be interesting to see how the cars adapt without it.

Photo Credit: Motorbiscuit

2: Fog Lights

As automakers experiment with new exterior lighting solutions such as LED bulbs, the need for fog lights will get less and less. As it stands right now the fog lights don’t do all that much for the visuals on the road. Even a bright pair of fog lights don’t seem to increase the visibility by all that much in the long run.

Photo Credit: Car Domain

Aside from the boosted exterior looks that a pair of fog lights will provide, there aren’t any real benefits. The future of automotive exterior lighting is definitely going to be LED and the fog lights that we have become accustomed to will disappear and be a thing of the past.

Photo Credit: Car Domain

1: Headlight Wipers

Cars that have headlight wipers are usually high-level luxury vehicles, and you’ll often wonder what use these are. The original intended purpose was for driving through muddy conditions where the mud covers the headlights. For the average city dweller, these wipers are seldomly ever used, especially in dryer climates such as California.

Photo Credit: Car Domain

Future vehicles will likely move away from any type of rotary wipers that we are used to seeing. Headlight wipers are already almost obsolete and by 2030 these are going to be a thing of the past. Headlight wipers were always a way to differentiate a luxury-oriented vehicle but nowadays that isn’t needed.

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