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1990s Cars Drivers Are Desperate To Forget

Cameron EittreimJune 8, 2021

Photo Credit: Car Domain

2: Ford Mustang

The 1990s Ford Mustangs were some of the worst, both in terms of quality and performance.
GM was outpacing the Mustang 3-to-1 with the Camaro, and part of this was due to the Camaro’s standard Corvette motor. Not only was the Mustang from this era underpowered but it was also ugly to boot. True, you had the Cobra, but how many ordinary drivers were going to get one of those?

Photo Credit: Car Domain

Ford had to improvise the Mustang was redesigned later in the decade, but the first couple of years was rough. The car just couldn’t compete with what the market had to offer, and Ford knew it. We’re not sure what the company was thinking with this generation of the Mustang but it was the wrong move.

Ford Probe 24V
Photo Credit: Ford

1: Ford Probe

The funny thing about the Probe was that it was supposed to be a replacement for the Ford Mustang. But after doing market research on the car, Ford could see that buyers weren’t going for it and it was sold alongside the Mustang. We’re not sure what Ford was thinking with the naming of this car but that’s one reason people want to forget it. On top of that, the bland styling just didn’t stand out like you’d expect a sports car to.

Ford Probe 24V
Photo Credit: Car Domain

The Probe was unimaginative and the car didn’t bring anything particularly unique to the table. There was a 24V version of the car that got high marks in the performance community, but this car was discontinued shortly after the release. From then on, the Probe trudged on as the also-ran partner of the Mustang until being discontinued.

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