10 Horrific Car Mods That Will Offend Your Eyeballs

By Vukasin Herbez
10 Horrific Car Mods That Will Offend Your Eyeballs

These cars failed so hard its almost unbelievable…

What possesses a person to ruin a perfectly good car with ridiculous modifications? Obviously to each their own, but some mods simply cannot be excused. Within the auto world we’ve learned to respect each other’s tastes, but some take it way too far.

While scouring the internet for the most poorly modded cars, we’ve found some truly horrific creations. Verifying these are not photoshops or edited images, we can confirm that these cars are, or at least were once in existence.

Prepare yourself for the 10 most horrific car mods we could find on the net!

Please Tint My Eyeballs

Although this is just a ‘show car,’ its still one of the most ugly things you’ll see on four wheels. As if this model of car wasn’t brutally chavved up enough my today’s yobs, someone decided they’d go full retard.

Aside from the wack paint job and clearly lizard-inspired interior, this monstrosity further offends viewers with the uber-plastic gangster rims. I’d rather drive a matchbox to work than be seen dead in this rolling turd.

Not So Supercar

What better way to make yourself look like a rich supercar owner than creating a bodge Bugatti? In fairness to this car owner, you can’t actually tell what the original make of vehicle is.

That said, no matter what you box your turd inside, when you peel away the cardboard and cable ties, there will inevitably still be a turd.

More Exhaust Please

In our opinion, the 23 exhaust tips on this Mercedes are simply not enough. If they wanted real power from this car, they should have at least 46. Extra points for the chilling Buddha, huge rims and what we can only assume is a makeshift toilet on the lid of the trunk.

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