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20 Performance Cars You Can Get with Manual Transmissions

Vukasin HerbezNovember 19, 2017

  1. BMW M3/M4

The German muscle car twins, BMW M3 Sedan and M3 Coupe are one of the best driver’s cars you can buy today. With their turbocharged 3.0-liter straight six engines and other performance upgrades, those two cars represent the ultimate 3-Series models.

So, it is only natural that BMW offered a manual transmission, even though it is a bit slower than the eight-speed automatic. But if you want to enjoy driving and shifting your own gears, sacrifice that 0.2-second difference in the 0 to 60 mph times.

  1. Cadillac ATS-V

Cadillac presented the ATS-V in 2016 as the newest American muscle four-door car. And the ATS-V is a compact yet immensely powerful Cadillac. With this model, Cadillac attacked the Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series with a modern executive sedan. And best of all, it has recognizable styling and brutal power.

Under the hood is the twin turbo 3.6-liter V6 engine with 464 HP and 445 lb-ft of torque. That is enough to launch the ATS-V from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds with top speeds of 189 mph. And even though the ATS-V doesn’t have a V8, it is still a proper muscle car. This precision driver’s machine is available in two-doors with a manual transmission, as well.

  1. Jaguar F-Type

After decades of building comfortable, luxurious Gran Turismo coupes, Jaguar returned in 2013 with the F-Type. And it was the first proper sports car in years. The car public immediately went crazy for this great car with its powerful engines. Better yet, Jaguar wrapped it in sensual lines reminiscent of the classic Jaguar E-Type from the ’60s.

To satisfy car purists, Jaguar is offering a six-speed manual in most models in the F-Type range. That means you can enjoy modern technology, a great design and powerful engine, yet still feel connected to the car by shifting the gears yourself.

Do you like to use a stick shift and have more control over your driving experience? If so, one of these 20 performance cars you can get with manual transmissions may be for you. Your choices are many, so whether you want something small and light or big and heavy, there’s a car on this list to fit the bill.

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