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25 Opulent Features Celebrities Always Have In Their Cars

Cameron Eittreim May 31, 2020

Hummer H1
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8: Armor Plating

Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown are two people that come to mind when we think of legal armor-plated vehicles. The first to popularize it was Arnold Schwarzenegger with his fleet of Hummers during the 1990s. But nowadays pretty much any vehicle can have armor plating put on it.

Hummer H1
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The amount of armor plating you can get is only limited by how much you want to spend. Vehicles like the Rezvani Tank come pre-built with armor plating and bulletproof glass. These things are more for show than driving. But celebrities don’t seem to mind that too much.

Built-in drink cooler
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7: Drink Coolers

Another auto feature becoming the norm for celebrities is the built-in drink cooler. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle in a celeb’s garage, there’s almost always something to cool drinks off with. The same thing goes for many of the vehicles sold on the open market right now.

Built-in drink cooler
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Drink coolers are a great thing to have for those weekend trips to the beaches as well as tailgating. While you might not see Kanye West tailgating with your neighbor, there have been instances where celebs are known to show up at public gatherings.

1965 Impala Lowrider
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6: Chrome Accents

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity car, you know chrome can be an important aspect. Many celebrities will add all kinds of chrome accents to their vehicles. Be it a new grill or something more unique such as a side rail. Celebrities who want to spend a good amount of money, usually opt for a big pair of chrome rims.

1965 Impala
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Celebrities are some of the most demanding clientele in the automotive world. Chroming out a vehicle is nothing new, but a sign of opulence. The chrome makes the vehicle that much more visible and makes it stand out from the crowd.

1965 Impala Crate Enginbe
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5: Special Edition Packages

Special edition packages are some of the most notable features celebrities go for. The Ford Velociraptor is one such example that superstar musician Post Malone purchased. These special edition cars and trucks are all the rage right now. Celebrities are usually the first clients to get their hands on these limited-edition vehicles.

Hennesy Velociraptor
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As with any rarity, these cars and trucks are often thousands more than their standard counterparts. These special edition vehicles are often thousands more than what we could afford. But for celebrities, this is a walk in the park.

Panoramic Sunroof
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4: Panoramic Sunroofs

With the selfie culture in full swing, there’s no doubt that a panoramic sunroof is a must for perfect pics. Most expensive luxury cars have some sort of panoramic sunroof, which gives the car an open-air feeling. There’s no doubt that a celebrity is going to pick a car that has an open glasshouse.

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The more expensive the vehicle, the more elaborate the roof is going to be. You can get so much from having a panoramic sunroof, making it a must-have for a celeb.

Porsche 911
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3: Performance Upgrades

Most celebrities love to make a statement, so a good performance upgrade never hurts. Superchargers and NOS are among the most notable. But you can do just about anything to a new performance car. Many celebrities have more than one performance car in their garage.

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Sports stars like Bill Goldberg have a collection of classic muscle cars, each customized to his specifications. Love for cars is pretty much universal among celebrities. With the right choice, you can get a car that’s on par with what the celebs would own. The selection of these vehicles is almost endless thanks to the current car market.


2: Features For The Kids

Celebrities are big on getting the right car features for their kids. Many celebrities will deck their vehicles out for their children. This includes custom game systems and television systems in the rear of the vehicle. The amount of customizations that you can do is endless.

With many celebrities having an extensive collection of vehicles there are a lot of different features for their children. Kids are the focal point of many car collections. With summer right around the corner, everyone is going to be taking road trips, even celebrities.

Top Speed

1: Limited Production Runs

Celebrities will scour the world for a limited-run vehicle in demand. Take Birdman, for instance, the first owner of the Bugatti Veyron. The car was at one point the most expensive car in the world, and Birdman was the first owner. The Veyron had many unique features and the car was far from being street-legal.

Top Speed

This is just one example of opulence and rarity, which many celebs seem to go for from time to time. The limited production run of the vehicle made it a stand-out choice for most celebrities.

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