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13 Legendary Classic Muscle Car Tuners and Dealerships

Vukasin Herbez February 25, 2018

13. Callaway Cars

Rives Callaway established Callaway Cars in 1977, long after the muscle car craze was over. At the time, those high horsepower performance machines were a thing of the past. He specialized in producing turbocharger kits for installation in European cars. His knowledge and expertise started the turbo era. This lined up perfectly with the times, so the company took off.

In the late 80’s, Callaway was already a well-known name in the car industry. He concentrated on building his own creations on regular models. Back then, the hottest U.S. car was the Corvette C4 with 245 HP. They may not seem like much, but in those days, it was a respectable number. Callaway developed a twin-turbo kit for the venerable Chevrolet V8.

In the end, the car produced mighty 345 HP, an increase of 100 HP over stock. Chevrolet was so impressed by the result, they included the Callaway conversion as a regular production order. So, customers could order the Callaway Corvette C4 from every dealership. To show the real potential of the twin-turbo C4, Callaway produced the legendary Sledgehammer Corvette. It was a highly modified, heavily turbocharged 1988 Corvette with 898 HP that could go over 250 mph.

These are the most famous, legendary classic muscle car tuners and dealerships. Luckily, many of these businesses still exist today.

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