25 Impressive Muscle Cars In Tim Allen’s Garage

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Impressive Muscle Cars In Tim Allen’s Garage

Tim Allen is one of the most well-known comedians in the world and an accomplished actor. He has been featured in hit films such as The Santa Clause as well as the TV show that we all remember “Home Improvement”. On his famous TV show, “Home Improvement,” Allen worked on a muscle car. The actor is also a car junkie in real life. In fact, he has a large collection that he often brings to Jay Leno’s garage.

Allen is from Michigan making him a huge fan of domestic muscle cars. Allen’s car collection is both unique and screeching fast, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Allen is also quite familiar with automotive repair and does a good deal of his own modifications. We decided to break down 25 impressively fast cars from his notable collection below.

Impala SS
via: Hagerty Insurance

25: 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS LT5

The Impala SS is one of the most notable cars of the 1990s. This was the last real V8-powered muscle sedan for almost a decade until the Dodge Charger hit the market in 2006. Allen has owned his first edition Impala SS LT5 since it was new in 1995. He even featured the car on “The Tonight Show” with Leno. The reason the Impala is so great is because of the Corvette-powered engine and its intimidating black look.

Impala SS
via: Vanguard

There are very few cars on the market that have encapsulated owners’ hearts quite like the Impala. Nowadays, Allen rarely is seen bringing the Impala out other than at special events. He owns one of the lowest-mileage ones in existence, making it highly sought-after.

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