Top Cars To Put A V8 Engine In

By vukasin
Top Cars To Put A V8 Engine In

America is still the land of big V8 engines with their huge power and torque. Since those mighty motors are affordable and plentiful, most people like to put them in anything that can physically hold a V8. In fact, the culture of engine swapping dates way back to the original hot rod crowd. People love to turn those slow, outdated cars into firebreathing monsters by adding big V8 motors to them.

Yet, all these years later, the recipe for performance hasn’t changed. You just have to put a powerful V8 in place of a bland four or six-cylinder engine. And then you can smile as you watch that Ferrari in the review mirror trying to catch you. So, if you have such plans, here are the best cars for a V8 swap.

  1. DeLorean DMC 12

Started by John Z. DeLorean in the late ’70s, they briefly marketed the DeLorean company as the next big thing in the sports car world. For a short time, it looked like America got a sports car brand to rival Europe’s finest companies. So, when DeLorean presented the interesting concept of a sports car with Gullwing doors, a modern design, and a stainless steel body, car fans went crazy.

However, the production was too late. So, when they finally debuted the car, it was slow, underpowered and riddled with quality problems. But the solution to that problem is obvious. Just install a big V8 instead of the anemic V6 to give this great ‘80s icon the power it deserves.