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20 Best Four-Door American Muscle Cars Ever Made

Vukasin Herbez June 20, 2018

20. Buick Regal GS

One of the cars that helped Buick remerge is the Regal, a family sedan which was in fact designed in Europe by Opel, and sold as Opel Insignia. However, for the American market, the Insignia was turned to Buick Regal with a few design items, a different grille and interior appointments. With totally unassuming looks, compact dimensions but a capable powertrain, the Regal GS was the first true performance car in Buick`s lineup since the mid-80s Buick GNX.

The secret of the 2019 Regal GS is its engine, a 3.6-liter V6 which delivers 310 hp. The power was sent to all four wheels over an advanced AWD system and 6-speed manual transmission which made driving fun and engaging.

So, do you believe there is a four-door American muscle car in your future? Any one of these would be a welcome addition to anyone’s garage. And when you take it out on the street, heads will turn and drivers will get out of your way.

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