1. Ferrari Mondial

To be honest, there are no inexpensive or overlooked Ferraris. The brand is so popular, and the history is so well-known, all Ferrari models have a well-documented army of fans. However, you can still find some bargains if you look hard enough. Currently, the most affordable classic Ferrari is the compact Mondial four-seater.

Ferrari built the Mondial between 1980 and 1993 in over 6,000 vehicles. For 13 years, the Mondial was Ferrari’s entry model. This means it was small, underpowered and not exactly pretty. But, it was a Ferrari and you still got the screaming engine, red bodywork and the famous prancing horse on the grille.

The heart of this car was a mid-mounted V8 engine that delivered between 160 and 220 HP, depending on the version, if it was naturally-aspirated or turbocharged. However, drivers shouldn’t expect any neck-snapping performance out of the Mondial. However, it can still provide enough excitement for Ferrari aficionados.

Unfortunately, most car fans have forgotten this little car since it didn’t have the prestige of the Testarossa or other V12 models. This means the prices for the Mondial are low. For $30,000 to $40,000, you can call yourself a Ferrari owner. Just be aware that the maintenance costs for these Ferraris are high despite the low buying price.

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