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20 Best British Muscle Cars Most People Overlook

Vukasin Herbez July 20, 2018

16. TVR Chimera

For those customers who wanted a classic British roadster but with a healthy dose of muscle car grunt, TVR introduced the Chimera. This was a smaller, more affordable model compared to the Cerbera they produced in higher numbers.

Under the hood was a Rover-derived V8 engine delivering 240 to 400 HP. And TVR offered several versions and displacement levels. They started production in 1992 and ended it in 2003 after making several thousand cars.

17. Aston Martin DBS

It is hard to call Aston a muscle car, but the DBS model not only looks like one, it also feels like one. That is due to its V8 engine and rumbling sound from the twin exhaust pipes. Aston Martin introduced the DBS in the early ’70s.

At first, it featured a six-cylinder engine, but it was later upgraded to a 5.3-liter V8 with around 300 HP. The design was undoubtedly American-inspired since it featured a fastback roofline and big chrome grille with four headlights.

18. Bristol 603

Bristol Cars are one of the craziest companies in the world. Not for their models, which are quite strange, but for their business policy. The company barely made any money for decades. They operated only one showroom and sold only one or two cars per year.

In fact, they refused to modernize their lineup for decades. In 1976, Bristol introduced the 603. It was a bespoke coupe with a Chrysler V8 engine that combined the luxury of a custom-built car with the performance and torque of muscle cars.

19. Bristol Fighter

In 2004, Bristol decided to introduce a new model with uncompromised performance and a fresh design. And that is how the Bristol Fighter was born. The chassis was custom-made with a special body that featured gullwing doors and a long hood.

The design of the Fighter has no resemblance to other Bristol cars, but it carries the tradition of using Chrysler engines. This sports car has an 8.0-liter V10 from the Dodge Viper rated at 525 HP. With 0 to 60 mph acceleration times of around four seconds and top speeds of over 200 mph, it was one of the fastest cars in the world when they introduced it.

20. Jaguar XKR

Jaguar was always known for its line of perfect GT coupes and convertibles with luxury appointments and power. But from 1996 to 2006 XKR coupe is a proper muscle car. Under the sleek body and acres of finest leather lies a supercharged V8 engine delivering 370 HP and a brutal performance.

Also, the XKR is a bit different than regular XK coupes or convertibles due to some subtle design changes and a different grille and wheels.

These are the best British muscle cars in history. Some of them may still be on the road, so if you can get one, be sure to grab it fast. These cars will be harder to find as time goes on.

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