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Behind The Curtain: Ferrari’s Dirty Secrets Exposed

Cameron Eittreim April 28, 2023

It’s no surprise that Ferrari is one of the most exclusive automotive brands in the world. The automaker has been around since 1947. Enzo Ferrari founded the brand on a simple principle of design and beautiful function. It’s often said that there isn’t anything else on the road that drives like a Ferrari. The fact that these cars are so iconic only adds to the intrigue of the brand. But as with any automotive brand, there are still glaring secrets about owning a Ferrari.

The style and heritage of Ferrari sports cars have always created an allure to the brand. But you have to be a certain type of enthusiast to put up with Ferrari ownership. In addition to the cars being temperamental when it comes to maintenance, the company’s other secrets can make ownership difficult. We looked at the behind-the-scenes secrets that come with Ferrari ownership that no one seems to talk about.

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Having The Money Doesn’t Assure You Ferrari Ownership

Ferrari is one of the most exclusive brands in the world and the company has a strict vetting process. The vetting process takes into account factors such as your history with the brand and your reputation as a driver. In addition, Ferrari limits the production of its cars. That means that demand often far outweighs supply. A lot of affluent people have the money for a Ferrari but they still aren’t able to get one right away (via Auto Evolution).

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New buyers need to wait months or even years for the opportunity. The exclusivity means that when you finally get your hands on your new Ferrari, the feeling is unlike anything else in the world. There’s nothing better than jumping behind the wheel of a bright red Ferrari sports car. But you still have to deal with drawbacks and secrets surrounding the ownership of one of these cars.

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Maintenance Costs Are Sky High

Perhaps this isn’t the most hidden of secrets, but maintaining a Ferrari is costly. The Italian supercar is known for its high-performance capability. Ferrari recommends its cars be serviced at authorized dealerships. These often charge premium prices. In addition, the unique design of a Ferrari requires specialized equipment and trained technicians for more complex repairs, which can up the cost even further (via Motor Biscuit).

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Owners must also budget for regular inspections and maintenance of the car’s high-performance components. These include the engine, transmission, and suspension, which require specialized attention. Despite the high costs, many Ferrari owners believe the investment is worth it for the sheer thrill of driving one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. Driving in a Ferrari is an experience like no other. You will have a lot of fun doing it despite the drawbacks and secrets.

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Ferraris Have Expensive Spares and Consumables

Ferraris are known for being the most expensive cars to maintain. Even basic parts and components, such as brake pads and tires, can be more expensive for a Ferrari than for other high-end sports cars. Ferrari parts have to come directly from the factory. You can’t get them just anywhere. Your local AutoZone is not going to carry Ferrari parts. For example, a replacement engine for a Ferrari can cost upwards of $100,000 while a new transmission can cost over $20,000 (via Hot Cars).

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One of their least-liked secrets is that even routine items such as oil filters and air filters, can be several times more expensive for a Ferrari than for other cars. The cost of replacement parts and repair is enough to break any budget. However, the prestige and fun of owning a Ferrari model outweigh the drawbacks for many people. The cars just have too much to like about them to sweat the small things. Not to mention most Ferrari owners can probably afford a high repair bill.

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Older Ferraris Remain Mostly Unreliable

Ferrari has built some of the most famous cars on the road. But one of their dirtiest secrets is that a lot of these models were unreliable and difficult to maintain. This is due in part to the complex engineering and unique design of Ferrari’s cars. This can make them more difficult to maintain and repair than other high-performance sports cars. Additionally, many of Ferrari’s older models were produced in limited quantities and replacement parts can be difficult or expensive to find (via Vehicle Help).

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The company has secrets to hide, and many owners of older Ferraris report frequent breakdowns, expensive repairs, and long wait times for parts and service. However, some dedicated Ferrari enthusiasts argue that the performance and beauty of these classic cars outweigh the maintenance and reliability issues. For those considering purchasing an older Ferrari, it is important to carefully research the model and condition of the car, as well as budget for regular maintenance and repairs.

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Ferrari Doesn’t Make Cars For Every Body Type

Ferraris are not designed to accommodate every body type. Because of this a Ferrari often has low-slung seats and a tight cabin. As a result, taller or larger drivers may find it difficult to get comfortable behind the wheel. Moreover, some older Ferrari models have limited headroom and legroom, which makes them less suitable for long drives (via Hemmings).

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Ferrari has made efforts to increase adjustability in newer models, such as electric seat adjustments and steering wheel adjustments. But the brand has always prioritized design and performance over practicality and comfort. It’s important for potential Ferrari owners to carefully consider the size and dimensions of the car, and to test-drive different models to ensure a comfortable fit. Ultimately, owning a Ferrari is about experiencing the thrill of driving a high-performance sports car. But it’s still important to remember that these cars may not be the best choice for everyone.

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Even Ferraris Aren’t Consistent With Electronics

While Ferrari is known for its high-performance sports cars, even they have struggled with electronic issues. Modern Ferraris rely heavily on electronic components for everything from engine management to driver assistance systems. When these systems fail, it can lead to a frustrating ownership experience. Some Ferrari owners have reported issues with electronic glitches, such as warning lights coming on for no reason, infotainment systems freezing, or even entire electrical systems failing. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere in a Ferrari (via Reuters).

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The complexity of these systems can make them both difficult and expensive to diagnose and repair. And even the most experienced mechanics may need specialized equipment to properly diagnose and fix these issues. Despite these challenges, many Ferrari owners believe the performance and driving experience of the cars more than make up for the occasional electronic gremlins. Nevertheless, potential Ferrari owners need to be aware of potential electronic issues and ensure they have access to qualified technicians who can properly maintain and repair these high-tech cars.

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Many Ferraris Are Prone To Rampant Depreciation

Despite their high price tags, many Ferraris are prone to significant depreciation, especially in the first few years of ownership. This is due to a combination of factors, including high production numbers and the constant release of new models. Additionally, some Ferrari models are more desirable than others, which can also affect their resale value. Even well-maintained Ferraris can lose a significant percentage of their value over time. This can be painful for owners who paid top dollar for their cars (via Hagerty).

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However, some Ferraris have proven to be more resilient to depreciation, particularly limited-edition or rare models in high demand among collectors. The depreciation should be taken into account when purchasing a Ferrari. But most people who buy a Ferrari aren’t thinking about the resale value. The car is a status symbol and exudes a certain level of respect. A Ferrari is also one of the most fun-to-drive cars on the road.

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Ferrari Ownership Comes With Strict Rules

Ferrari has some of the strictest company rules in the automotive industry. For example, if you want to buy a new Ferrari, the company must first approve you. Ferrari also has a policy that prevents its customers from selling their cars within the first year of ownership. Additionally, they require all authorized dealerships to adhere to strict standards to sell new and used Ferraris (via Hot Cars).

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These rules are intended to ensure that Ferrari maintains its exclusivity and brand image. Ferrari’s after-sales service is also strictly regulated, with a requirement for annual service. While this level of control may be unnecessary to some, it also ensures Ferrari maintains the highest levels of quality and customer service.

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Daily Driving A Ferrari Turns Out To Be Frustrating

While driving a Ferrari is a dream for many, it may not be the best choice for daily driving. A Ferrari is a high-performance sports car and not a comfortable daily driver. Ferraris are low to the ground and have a stiff suspension. In addition, they are not typically known for having a lot of storage space, which can be frustrating for those who need to carry items such as groceries or luggage (via Quora).

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Furthermore, Ferraris are often less fuel-efficient than other cars, meaning they can be costly to operate daily. Maintaining a Ferrari can be expensive and time-consuming. The specialized parts and maintenance requirements make routine service and repairs more difficult and costly. The sheer complexity of the car and the expensive maintenance costs are just some of the issues that arise from ownership.

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Ferrari Always Reserves The Right To Ban You From The Brand

Ferrari is an exclusive brand that maintains strict control over its image and reputation. The company will take action against those who it believes may harm its brand. This includes the right to ban individuals from purchasing or owning a Ferrari in the future. For example, Ferrari has been known to blacklist individuals who sell their new Ferraris shortly after purchasing them or those who modify their cars in ways that are not authorized by the company. You’ll seldom see a person who modifies a Ferrari get a chance to buy another one (via Get Jerry).

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The company also reserves the right to take legal action against those who violate its intellectual property or trademarks. Ferrari will also limit production to ensure exclusivity. This can make it difficult for even dedicated Ferrari fans to purchase the car they desire. The company has strict policies and rules to maintain ownership of a Ferrari. You won’t just walk into a Ferrari dealership off the street and buy a car, there is a process. Most drivers don’t have the patience to follow through with this kind of vetting process to get a car.

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