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Behind The Curtain: Ferrari’s Dirty Secrets Exposed

Cameron Eittreim April 28, 2023

Photo Credit: Ferrari

Ferrari Ownership Comes With Strict Rules

Ferrari has some of the strictest company rules in the automotive industry. For example, if you want to buy a new Ferrari, the company must first approve you. Ferrari also has a policy that prevents its customers from selling their cars within the first year of ownership. Additionally, they require all authorized dealerships to adhere to strict standards to sell new and used Ferraris (via Hot Cars).

Photo Credit: Ferrari

These rules are intended to ensure that Ferrari maintains its exclusivity and brand image. Ferrari’s after-sales service is also strictly regulated, with a requirement for annual service. While this level of control may be unnecessary to some, it also ensures Ferrari maintains the highest levels of quality and customer service.

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Daily Driving A Ferrari Turns Out To Be Frustrating

While driving a Ferrari is a dream for many, it may not be the best choice for daily driving. A Ferrari is a high-performance sports car and not a comfortable daily driver. Ferraris are low to the ground and have a stiff suspension. In addition, they are not typically known for having a lot of storage space, which can be frustrating for those who need to carry items such as groceries or luggage (via Quora).

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Furthermore, Ferraris are often less fuel-efficient than other cars, meaning they can be costly to operate daily. Maintaining a Ferrari can be expensive and time-consuming. The specialized parts and maintenance requirements make routine service and repairs more difficult and costly. The sheer complexity of the car and the expensive maintenance costs are just some of the issues that arise from ownership.

Photo Credit: Ferrari

Ferrari Always Reserves The Right To Ban You From The Brand

Ferrari is an exclusive brand that maintains strict control over its image and reputation. The company will take action against those who it believes may harm its brand. This includes the right to ban individuals from purchasing or owning a Ferrari in the future. For example, Ferrari has been known to blacklist individuals who sell their new Ferraris shortly after purchasing them or those who modify their cars in ways that are not authorized by the company. You’ll seldom see a person who modifies a Ferrari get a chance to buy another one (via Get Jerry).

Photo Credit: Ferrari

The company also reserves the right to take legal action against those who violate its intellectual property or trademarks. Ferrari will also limit production to ensure exclusivity. This can make it difficult for even dedicated Ferrari fans to purchase the car they desire. The company has strict policies and rules to maintain ownership of a Ferrari. You won’t just walk into a Ferrari dealership off the street and buy a car, there is a process. Most drivers don’t have the patience to follow through with this kind of vetting process to get a car.

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