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30 Reasons Car Companies Shouldn’t Kill Classics To Go Electric

Cameron Eittreim August 3, 2021

Photo Credit: City of Reno

3: Alienating A Generation

There are still multiple generations of people who have a love for the muscle car era. Likewise, there is a new generation of car buyers who love the performance of modern pony cars. By removing the segment altogether there are multiple generations of people who will be alienated in the long run.

Photo Credit: City of Reno

The unique and iconic designs of the muscle car era are pieces of the automotive industry that will stick with us for generations. By trying to remove these unique memories from the automotive industry, GM and other car companies simply alienate an entire generation of enthusiasts who grew up with these vehicles.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

2: What Will Happen To Chrysler?

Perhaps one of the companies that could be hurt the most by the electric car revolution is Chrysler. The Dodge Challenger and Charger are both hot products for the company and the Jeep brand is even more popular. If Dodge were to get rid of the Challenger or the Charger the brand would lose its unique identity.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

The Challenger is a bit long in the tooth as the current platform has been around since 2010, and the brand still resonates with consumers. If Chrysler were to remove the brand altogether in favor of an electric sports car there is no doubt that the original enthusiast base for Mopar products would feel alienated.

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1: The Original Camaro Cancellation

2002 was a bad year for the muscle car market when GM canceled the Camaro and Firebird models. Fast-forward to the current model year and the execs over at GM are considering canceling the Camaro program once again. Why does the company move so fast when it comes to phasing out such an iconic nameplate?

Photo Credit: GM

Ford hasn’t been near as reckless with the Mustang brand, other than the Mach-E that everyone hates. Yet, GM continues to dangle a carrot on a stick in front of enthusiasts who have grown up loving the Camaro and everything that it entails. Canceling the Camaro brand would be a mistake for GM as there is still a lot of passion for this line of vehicles.

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