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20 Most Interesting Classic American Compact Cars Ever Made

Vukasin HerbezOctober 14, 2018

  1. Mercury Comet

Mercury has used the name, “Comet,” in their history a few times. First, it was Mercury’s version of the compact Ford Falcon. Next, it was on an intermediate model and finally, they produced the Comet based on the compact Ford Maverick. Mercury presented the Comet in 1971, originally selling it as a two-door semi-fastback on a smaller chassis shared with the Maverick, Pinto and later, the Mustang II.

The base engine was a 100 HP 170 straight six. But demanding customers could get a 302 V8, turning the compact Comet into a ’70s muscle car. Although practically the same as the Maverick, the Comet had a bit more options, a higher price and a more upscale appearance.

  1. Mercury Bobcat Wagon

Downsizing was the name of the game in the mid-70s, but Mercury went a step further to introduce a model they based on the ill-fated Ford Pinto. They called it the Bobcat, and presented it in 1974, selling it until 1980.

The car was practically the same as the Pinto. However, there was one interesting version Mercury named the Bobcat Wagon. It was a compact three-door station wagon with upscale features, better equipment and a woodgrain panel option. The Bobcat Wagon was a perfect little urban runabout with compact dimensions, but a lot of usable space.

So, did you find your favorite in this list of the 20 most interesting classic American compact cars ever made? With all the choices, it is hard to decide which one is the most interesting of all. Hopefully, the one you chose is easy to find and affordable, too.

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