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Sad Photos Of Real Cars That Were Ruined By Irresponsible Owners

Cameron EittreimMay 27, 2022

Photo Credit: Reddit

4: Hyundai Accent Gone Too Far

The first-generation Hyundai Accent was not anything special to look at, so this owner decided to take things into his own hands. Making the body kits out of what looks like cardboard, this Accent is anything but pleasant to look at (via Reddit).

Photo Credit: Reddit

3: Shark Limo?

Ever wonder what it would be like to drive a shark? Well, this owner decided to build himself a shark limo. Needless to say, the car is ugly in every way, and there is no way this car will drive on water. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to customize their vehicle because things like this might happen (via Reddit).

Photo Credit: Reddit

2: Hello Kitty

Look the Smart Car wasn’t the most appealing compact car for several reasons. The style was downright ugly, and the practicality of the car is almost non-existent nowadays. It was a nice novelty when it lasted, but they just haven’t been the success that the company had hoped. But you have fans like this guy that still get a kick out of customizing the tiny car (via Reddit).

Photo Credit: Reddit

1: Horse and Buggy

There is no end to what people will do to get attention; take this Hummer H3 for example. We’re not sure what the owner was thinking, but this truck now has the same pair of wheels that you’d find on a horse and buggy. This is definitely not how GM had hoped the Hummer H3 would be riding around in the future (via Reddit).

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