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Cars That Celebrities Ruined With Over-The-Top Modifications

Cameron EittreimJuly 12, 2021

Photo Credit: Inside Line

2: Josh Gordon – Porsche Panamera

Unafraid to take things to the extreme, Josh Gordon drives an awful-looking Porsche Panamera. Camo used to be in style but nowadays painting a car with a camo style is just outlandish, ask Chris Brown. This particular Panamera topped things off with a set of bright orange wheels, which also do nothing for the car.

Photo Credit: Inside Line

The style of the Panamera is a bit over the top anyway, so to see it look like this is a little bit too much. Porsche had hoped to entice buyers who wanted a Porsche but also needed the extra passenger space. It’s sad to see a unique car like the Panamera turn out like the hideous ride that we see above.

Photo Credit: The Richest

1: LeBron James – Lamborghini Aventador

‘King James’ has been a leading player for almost two decades now. His taste in cars ranges from the team that he is playing on, and more recently James has that L.A. vibe. James has a Lamborghini Aventador that he turned into what looks like a rolling Nike advertisement. The car is flashy, to say the least, but the wrap just looked downright ugly.

Photo Credit: The Richest

We’re sure that there could have been a better choice for a vehicle wrap than this. Another celebrity chose to ruin the beautiful stock looks of the Aventador. The Lamborghini sports car can’t seem to catch a break with celebrities who want to go over the top. James is an excellent basketball player but this choice in cars is simply questionable.

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