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20 Ugliest Sports Cars That True Auto Fans Never Drive

Cameron Eittreim December 13, 2021

Photo Credit: Car Domain

2: Nissan 200SX

Nissan made history with the Z sports car, but there were a few other models that the company released. The 200SX was also another sports car released by Nissan in the 1980s. The boxy shape of the 200SX was the first thing to make it one of the ugliest sports cars of this time period. The performance wasn’t that impressive either, although the car did have decent off-the-line times (via Auto Review).

Photo Credit: Nissan

The interior was extremely boxy, with Nissan going a bit overboard on the square factor. The 200SX is fondly remembered for its boxy styling and radical interior shape. But when it comes down to it, although the 200SX was an ugly car, it did perform decently. Sadly, though, most automotive fans try to steer clear of this ugly two-door.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

1: Nissan NX2000

Much like Mazda had attempted with the MX-3, Nissan was trying to make the hatchback segment sporty. The automotive press lauded the NX2000 for its notable performance at the time. The exterior styling of the NX2000 was similar to the Mazda MX-3, in that it was a hatchback with rounded styling. But that’s where the similarities ended, because the Nissan had a horrific looking front fascia (via Car Gurus).

Photo Credit: Nintendo

The NX2000 could have been so much more if Nissan had put more effort into the exterior of the car. Between the similarities with the Mazda and the hideous front styling, the NX2000 just didn’t catch on with consumers. Not to mention that hatchback models were unpopular at this point in time as consumer tastes had switched.

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