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20 Classic SUVs Drivers Can Score For Under $5,000 (Plus One To Avoid)

Cameron EittreimAugust 26, 2021

Photo Credit: Car Domain

2: Jeep Cherokee

The original Jeep Cherokee is both legendary and also common, which means that you can find them grossly overpriced or fairly cheap. Depending on the condition and the year the Cherokee can be a great choice for anyone who wants a fairly easy-to-maintain SUV. You get the legendary reliability of the Cherokee and off-road capability.

Photo Credit: Car Domain

Early models of the Cherokee were made by AMC and thus feature a lot of thus that was removed on the later models. No matter which way you slice it, you can’t go wrong with a Jeep Cherokee. The brand has been synonymous with off-roading since the early days of the automotive industry.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

1: Jeep Commander (Avoid)

The Commander was Jeep’s first attempt to bring a full-size SUV to the market and it managed to disappoint. Reliability and cost are the two reasons why you should steer clear of the Commander at all costs. The Jeep Commander was one of the first products of the Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz merger, which means a lot of the technology is expensive.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

The transmission is incredibly expensive to repair because of the Mercedes roots and it’s prone to failure. The V6 engine that was standard equipment in the Jeep Commander is also well known for blowing head gaskets and miscellaneous failures that happen from time to time. The Commander is just better left alone from the gate as you’ll save a lot of heartaches and unnecessary expeniture.

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