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15 Things Tesla Is Doing Wrong

Cameron EittreimJanuary 27, 2020

Driver asleep at the wheel
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2. Dangers of Self Driving

Tesla was one of the first car companies to embrace a self-driving car, and the Tesla Model S can legitimately drive itself on the freeway. But this has also lead to a myriad of problems with self-driving cars. Videos have gone viral of Tesla drivers being behind the wheel of a Model S asleep. This is not a good thing and definitely something that is scary for most other drivers on the road. Self-driving is still a new technology. Tesla has embraced it wholeheartedly, but the company needs to take a break.

Tesla driver asleep
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The company needs to regenerate what it takes to create a self-driving car. There needs to be more safety features built in, and maybe even something that would wake the driver up each time they fell asleep at the wheel. This is such a dangerous aspect that it definitely ranks as something Tesla is doing wrong.

Model S
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1. Gullwing Doors

Tesla is ahead of the curve in design – we know that. But there are instances where the company has taken it too far like the Cybertruck. The Gullwing doors are a little too much to handle, and something that the automotive world really isn’t ready for on a mainstream level. Tesla is a company that has created jaw-dropping car designs. But do we really need gullwing doors to get the point across? Probably not.

Model S
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The Gullwing doors need to be done with and the company needs to make moderate design changes. The cars are top-notch in terms of design but Tesla needs to change the way that the cars look and feel. Without features like Gullwing doors, they’ll be able to attract more buyers.

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