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10 Extremely Rare Ford`s Special Editions and Limited Run Models

Vukasin Herbez July 31, 2017

9. 100th Anniversary Models

In 2003, Ford Motor Company celebrated its 100th birthday. To commemorate this big jubilee, Ford decided to offer special editions of its most popular models, including the Focus, F-150, Explorer, Taurus and Mustang. The idea was to paint all the cars black because it was a special homage to famous Henry Ford’s saying: “The customers can choose any color they like, as long as it is black,” and to the legendary Model T, which Ford only produced in black.

Ford created 3,000 cars for each model, only in black and they added better equipment, badges, and a couple of extras. The owners received a special key chain and written proof that they bought one of “Centennial Edition Fords,” as well as a limited edition book on the first 100 years of the Ford Motor Company. Today, when some of the Centennial Edition Fords come on sale, the first thing everybody asks is if they come with all of those goodies. Of all models included in Centennial package, the Ford Mustang is the rarest one with only 2,094 made.

10. Lee Iacocca`s 45th Anniversary Mustang

Every Mustang enthusiast knows the name of Lee Iacocca. Rightfully named the “Father of the Mustang,” Iacocca was a Ford executive who liked the idea of an affordable sports car and he pushed the project to the production line. He took a big gamble by putting his professional reputation on the line for the Mustang, but in the end, it paid greatly since he created the global automotive legend and one of Ford’s best-selling models since 1964.

For the 45th anniversary of the Mustang, Lee Iacocca prepared a special model. It was based on the regular 2009 Mustang GT V8, but with totally revised mechanics and design. In fact, this car looks more like the 2003 Mustang concept rather than the regular production 2009 model. Practically, every panel of the car was different, and that also included the engine. The familiar 4.6-liter V8 got a supercharger and delivered 400 hp. The interior was also modified and the total production was 45 units.

Despite the $90,000 price tag, each one of Iacocca’s Mustangs was sold within hours after the presentation and are prized collectors cars that rarely come up for sale.

The Ford Motor Company has a long, rich history and continues to produce the top-selling vehicles today. It will be interesting to see what they do for their 200th anniversary.

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