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Top 25 Scenic International Roads To Drive Around The World

Cameron Eittreim May 26, 2020

Eureka Highway
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2: Eureka Highway, Canada

As we mentioned multiple times in this list of scenic international roads, Canada is home to quite a bit of natural beauty. If you’ve ever been there, you can tell that Canada prides itself on it. The Eureka Highway is a stretch of pure bliss for drivers. It’s a full 12 miles of natural mountain beauty on a modern road that’s safe enough for your Corvette to go down.

Eureka Highway
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There’s so much to see, you might be stuck on this highway all day. And its close proximity to local tourism attractions makes the Eureka Highway a stellar choice. If you’ve been wanting to explore Canada and see what your ride can do this is the perfect place to get that in motion. The Eureka Highway will present a driving experience like no other.

Espinazo Del Diablo
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1: Espinazo del Diablo, Mexico

Perhaps the scariest place to drive on our list is Mexico’s Espinazo del Diablo. This stretch of highway is known as “The Devils Backbone.” This stretch of road will take you thorough the Durango and other places. If you’re not sure about this, it might not be the highway you want to visit. If you want to see some beauty and the natural habitats Mexico has to offer amid some danger, take the ride.

Espinazo Del Diablo
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This is one of the few popular highways in Mexico. There’s a good deal of tourist action, as well as locals, which makes this a bustling epicenter. You can see the natural beauty Mexico has to offer while getting your blood pumping. It’s a worthwhile experience for any traveler who fancies him or herself a top driver. Just know what’s coming when your wheels hit the road.

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