Top 25 Scenic Roads To Drive In The United States

By Cameron Eittreim
Top 25 Scenic Roads To Drive In The United States

Driving is a privilege, and to enjoy it fully you need to get out on the open road. We often spend so much time commuting as part of our daily grind, missing out on the beauty of the open roads of America. To truly experience the open roads you need to know where to find them. That’s especially true right now, as America slowly works to rise out of a draining lockdown.

Your car is truly one of the best ways to see the beauty of the country up close and personal. Whether you are going to be taking a road trip or a weekend cruise, you’ll want to check out these best 25 American roads. You may want to make sure your ride is ready with these great accessories sure to upgrade your car. Once you’re ready to go, hit these roads to drive like you never have before. Get out and enjoy them.

Highway 1 Big Sur
via Drivenautos

25: Highway 1 – Big Sur, California:

It should come as no surprise that Big Sur is on this list of the top American roads. If you’re driving anywhere in the Golden State, you need to stop here. Highway 1 is known as the Pacific Coast highway. This highway will take you to many popular destinations such as San Francisco and many more. You’ll see some of the most breathtaking views in California.

Highway 1 Big Sur
via: Driven Autos

In a time where many are feeling constricted, driving on open roads is important. Highway 1 is a major centerfold of the California economy. If you’re going to experience what the state has to offer, this is a must-drive destination. You just can’t beat the beauty and scenic destinations along the way.

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