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Top Scenic Roads To Drive In The United States

Cameron Eittreim May 8, 2020

Photo Credit: Blue Ridge Outdoors

11: Blue Ridge Parkway – North Carolina and Virginia

Appalachia is a truly stunning place to visit, and the Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile scenic series of roads right through it. The Blue Ridge Parkway has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see. With abundant twists and turns up the side of the mountain, you’ve never driven anything like this before.

Blue Ridge Parkway
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And there’s a little learning curve for a new driver. Just hit the road and enjoy the views. When it comes to interesting roads to drive, Blue Ridge Parkway is at the top. The sheer level of depth to the turns makes these roads great.

Photo Credit: NPS

10: Going-to-the-Sun-Road – Glacier National Park, Montana

Here’s another must-drive road. The Going-to-the-Sun-Road is one of the best destinations of Glacier National Park. Montana is known for its abundance of natural beauty, just like Alaska. That means you’ll want to drive this entire stretch to see all of its most interesting things. There are quite a few animals local to this region.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

If you enjoy outdoor exploration, these roads will give it to you. Montana has a natural beauty that’s unlike anything else you’ll see. The natural cedar and the twists and turns will make any car shine. You’ll leave these roads with a smile on your face.

Highway 78
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9: Highway 78 – Alabama

When it comes to interesting roads, Highway 78 has a lot to offer. The long stretch of highway will take you from Dixieland right through to Arkansas. You’ll see a lot of interesting stuff along the way, which is why so many people travel this stretch of highway. There are plenty of unique travel stops and interesting tidbits of history.

Highway 78
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You’ll also have an abundance of natural beauty. If you’re going to be visiting Atlanta or any of the neighboring tourist spots soon, take a trip through Highway 78 – you won’t be sorry.

Photo Credit: Beautiful View Rides

8: U.S. Route 550 ‘The Million Dollar Highway’ – Colorado

Colorado is known for an assortment of beautiful travel destinations. But what you probably don’t know is Colorado is also home to the ‘Million-Dollar Highway.’ This 12-mile stretch of highway will take you through Silverton. Not only do you get to see the abundant natural beauty, but there are also a lot of tourist destinations.

Photo Credit: Foot Loose Travel Guides

If you’ve been wanting to see what Colorado has to offer. You should take a trip down the Million Dollar Highway. This is a must-see stretch of beautiful Colorado roadways that many have yet to discover. You’ll create one-of-a-kind memories and experience the best that Colorado has to offer.

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7: Haines Highway – Alaska

If there’s any place in the world as beautiful as Alaska, let us know. The Haines Highway is one of the most feature-rich destinations on the road. You might see a bald eagle, o other natural wildlife. The Haines Highway will take you through what’s known as the Valley of the Eagles. This is perhaps one of the most prominent destinations in the world.

Photo Credit: RV Alaska Campgrounds

If you love bird watching and driving, this is the perfect combination. Alaska is known for abundant wildlife and resources, but not so often do you hear about the driving. Either way, if you want to hit the beautiful open road, there’s no place better to do it.

Talimena National Byway
Photo Credit: Arkansas

6: Talimena National Scenic Byway – Arkansas

Arkansas usually gets a bad rep, but the state is actually quite beautiful. In fact, the state is known as the “natural state.” The Talimena National Scenic Byway is 18 miles of beautiful roadways. The natural colors of maple trees line the stretch of the highway. The perfect time to drive on this road is during the fall into the wintertime.

Arkansas National Byway
Photo Credit: Arkansas.com

The weather is usually beautiful and the golden colors create a warm look. There aren’t a lot of long stretches of roads like this in Arkansas. But if you want to drive on one of the best, give the National Scenic Byway a try.

Photo Credit: AA Roads

5: State Route 197 – Connecticut

Connecticut has some of the most beautiful driving locations around. While there aren’t a lot of highways in the state, there is one worth visiting. State Route 197 is a pristine scenic road that allows you to see a ton of natural beauty.

Photo Credit: Visit Connecticut

The roads take you through a bunch of wonderful tourist destinations from quaint little bed and baths to restaurants. The entire route is one of the most beautiful to visit in the country. If you’ve never had a chance to drive on State Route 197, you need to.

Yukon Gold Circle
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4: Yukon Golden Circle

We already know that the Yukon is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But the best part is that it’s right here in our backyard. If you’ve ever been on the Yukon trail, give the Yukon Golden Circle a try. This beautiful mountain stretch of road has so much natural beauty that you’ll be astounded. Nice curves and long stretches will let you see what your car can do.

Photo Credit: Travel Yukon

Hint: you probably want to be driving a nice convertible on these roads. This 379-mile trek through natural beauty will take you by rivers and more. The Yukon Circle is a must-drive if you want to see America. There’s so much natural beauty here and the roads are a very satisfying driving experience.

Photo Credit: Delaware Greenways

3: Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway – Delaware

Another beautiful place to visit for its road waits in Delaware. The Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway is a beautiful portrait of natural beauty. The long stretch of highway will take you through lush woodwork. If you’ve never driven in Delaware, this is a treat. There are unique little shops and restaurants along the way.

Brandywine Scenic Byway
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There’s also affordable lodging if you want to take a break. Delaware is perhaps one of the most beautiful states in the union. There are a number of reasons for that and the Brandywine stretch of highway and its pure bliss is a big one.

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2: State Route 197 – Georgia

As you start driving further into the South, you’ll start to see more interesting destinations. State Route 197 in Georgia will take you through a state park and a number of other resources. The unique driving conditions make for a wonderful travel experience. You’ll be close to Atlanta and several other well-known parts of the city. The unique driving experience is something you won’t forget.

Photo Credit: Gribble Nation

Georgia is known for its natural beauty, so it’s no wonder that this route is a must-travel. If you’re looking for a new type of adventure down South, then State Route 197 is it.

Photo Credit: Drive The Nation

1: Western Heritage Historic Byway – Idaho

Idaho is famous for more than just potatoes. This scenic byway is known for the lush scenery that makes it a wonderful stomping ground. If you’re out in the area and want to experience what Idaho is all about, this historic stretch of highway will take you through some wonderful twists and turns.

Golden Eagle
Photo Credit: Visit Idaho

Your journey won’t stop there, as you’ll be close to tourist destinations such as Boise. If you’ve been wanting to visit Idaho and you love the open road, the West Heritage Byway is a wonderful trip for you to experience.

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