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The World’s Most Dangerous and Deserted Roads

Vukasin Herbez November 6, 2018

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Most people who live in urban areas take the quality of the roads for granted. After all, modern highways with smooth driving surfaces and clearly marked lanes are common. However, there are places where the roads look like they came from a horror movie.

Today, we will show you top five most dangerous roads on the planet. Those places are remote and a long way from civilization. And they are in extremely hostile environments. Four of these roads are in Asia where they have dusty, rocky “highways” in China. You’ll also see those scary, rock-sliding Pakistan roads with just one lane on the side of a mountain.

Watch as a Siberia road freezes solid in the winter and becomes a big puddle of mud in the summer. And don’t miss the James Dalton Highway in Alaska that goes all up to the North Pole. It is an endless stretch of ice and forest. This makes it one of the most dangerous, loneliest places on Earth. So, the next time you are driving on your local highway, think about those places for a while.

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