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Surprising Facts About The Legendary “Bullitt” Mustang

Vukasin Herbez May 10, 2023

Photo Credit: Pinterest

No One Knows Who The Current Owner Is

For any car fan, the original Bullitt Mustang is the Holy Grail of automotive culture. Since 2018, everybody has been thrilled that the car actually exists. The hype around this car got even bigger when it was announced that it would be offered for sale (via Detroit Free Press).

Photo Credit: Ford

However, even though we know everything there is to see, we still need to find out who the new owner is. Apparently, the bid was offered over the phone and the new owner was absent from the auction. The only person who knows who they are is the Mecum employee who handled the bidding. But he or she is probably under a nondisclosure agreement. Whoever the current Bullitt owner is, we hope he or she will continue to display the car. It would be a shame to keep it hidden again after so many years in the barn.

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