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35 Used Luxury Vehicles That Are Now Great Bargains

Cameron Eittreim October 30, 2019

Lesux IF-A
Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

1. Lexus IS F

As the years have gone by, Lexus has continued to evolve into a full-fledged luxury car company. Originally, Lexus was launched with two vehicles, the ES250 and the LS400. In the late 1990s, the economy was booming and young tech entrepreneurs wanted something sporty. Thus, the IS200 was born. The compact executive car was meant to compete with the BMW 3-Series and it did in every aspect. The IS200 was fun to drive, compact, and featured a powerful engine.

LExus IF-A
Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

A cult following was gained for the original Lexus IS200. To this day the car remains popular. If you want a lightweight and reliable compact luxury car, you couldn’t go wrong with the IS200. The interior was above average and featured all of the bells and whistles you’d expect to find on a larger Lexus model. Later years saw the addition of an IS200 wagon and sport edition. Finding an IS200 on the open market is not an easy task because people tend to hold onto these vehicles for a long time. But the limited availability of this vehicle should speak volumes about its quality.

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