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35 Used Luxury Vehicles That Are Now Great Bargains

Cameron Eittreim October 30, 2019

Porsche 928 via Bing
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9. Porsche 928

Touring cars are a mixture of versatility and performance. There are times when you’re going to want to hit the open road without the discomfort of a sports coupe. The 928 was famously featured in the movie Scarface. One of its many good features on the 928 was the four-seat interior. The rear seating is roomy enough for four full-sized adults to enjoy a weekend out at the golf course. There weren’t very many Porches that had a functional backseat.

Porsche 928 via Bing
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Enthusiasts enjoy the pure driving the 928 provides. You get the best of both worlds in terms of a functional vehicle that you can drive every day. Most Porsches are kept as a secondary collector’s car, and the 928 was the first mainstream model. The 928 was essentially the precursor for the Panamera. Owning a passenger Porsche is a unique experience, and the 928 makes it an affordable option for the everyman. If you’ve always dreamed about owning a Porsche but you need passenger seating, the 928 is a stellar vehicle.

G35 via Bing
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8. Infiniti G35

The next-generation midsize Infiniti sedan was the G35, bringing a combination of modern styling and class to the segment. The G35 was unique in that it was based on the Nissan 350Z. Drivers got the same engine and powertrain but with a slightly more comfortable package. The coupe version of the G35 was the Nissan 350Z through and through, with the addition of a fully functional backseat. The resale value of the G35 sedan and coupe has remained very affordable, and even a high mileage G35 can be a great purchase.

Infiniti G35 via Bing
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The model was perfected from year to year, and there was even a sport version of the G35 which added a bit of flair to the mix. G35 driving characteristics are in line with the sports car heritage the 350Z brings to the table. The G35 is among one of the best examples of what a luxury sports sedan and coupe bring to the table. The price is affordable enough that just about anyone can get one. If you’ve always wanted an affordable luxury car that still performs great, the G35 is it.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
Photo Credit: All Collector Cars

7. Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

The 90s were an excellent time for the luxury car industry. Technology had finally advanced enough that automakers could provide a full-featured vehicle with all the bells and whistles drivers wanted on the road. Rolls-Royce is a brand that has always been equated with the highest standards of quality. The Silver Spur was known as the go-to large car for celebrities and its performance was exemplary. Interior-wise, the Silver Spur is one of the most luxurious large exotic sedans on the market. Resale values have dropped enough that you can get a stellar deal on one of these vehicles.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Silver Spur has a powerful V-12 engine under the hood. People who enjoy how to drive will enjoy how the Silver Spur takes twists and turns with authority. No matter how old the Silver Spur gets, the car commands attention. The reliability of the Silver Spur has been questionable and you can expect to spend a pretty penny on repairs and maintenance. But maintenance issues aside, the Silver Spur is a notable performer that combines a high level of luxury with a fun demeanor.

Audi S6
Photo Credit: Audi

6. Audi S6

Another high-powered German car on our list is the Audi S6. Audi has a penchant for making fun sports sedans that deliver serious performance. The S6 is one of these standout models. The first thing that we noticed about the S6 is its powerful V10 engine. 435 horsepower will guide you with authority on the freeway and just about everywhere else. The S6 is a stellar deal that has lost a good amount of value since it was new. This is good news for used luxury car buyers who want serious performance that delivers.

Audi S6
Photo Credit: Audi

We like the S6 for its quality and refinement. The S6 is a big sedan, with a plethora of luxury features that make it a great vehicle. There are other big improvements that the S6 has over the rest of the Audi line, such as a phenomenal passenger area. The backseat on the S6 is huge and remains a big factor to this day. The sheer engineering of the S6 is what has propelled the sedan to such longevity. The smooth-running, powerful V10 engine has a level of quality that you’d only find in a German automobile. If you want a powerful exotic that almost anyone can afford, the Audi S6 is a great choice.

Photo Credit: BMW

5. BMW M6

Another rare occurrence on the roads right now is the M6. You might have seen the large super-coupe roaming an urban area near you, but there were very few of these actual M6 models put into production. This is another example of a fine BMW V10 engine going to work. In terms of sheer design, the M6 coupe is a thing of pure beauty and still looks great to this day. Even though the car was released in 2007, you’d think that it just rolled off of the assembly line. The quality of the M6 is unparalleled and the powerful engine makes the vehicle a sheer joy to drive.

Photo Credit: BMW

Owners will be taken aback by the on-road driving characteristics that make the car such a pleasurable experience. The overall design is top-notch, to say the least, and the car retains its signature quality. There is also a convertible version of the M6 which came with a retractable roof. Whichever way you slice it, the M6 is one of the most exhilarating performance coupes on the market. Nowadays, you can get one for a very affordable price, thousands less than the vehicle was when it first rolled onto dealerships.

Jaguar XJR
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4. Jaguar XJR

There are quite a few exotic performance sedans that were misunderstood in the last few decades, and the XJR is one such example. The car had fallen out of favor with the buying public due to outdated design. Thus, most automotive enthusiasts never gave the performance version a try. But the Jaguar XJR is a very powerful sedan that can handle business on the track or the street. The car rides on the iconic XJ platform that stayed in production for decades.

XJR via Bing
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The powerful, supercharged V8 engine is one of the best to come from Jaguar. XJR drivers will feel the precision that this car rides with. There are very few vehicles on the road that can match the XJR in terms of build quality and performance. If you’re one of the lucky few who get to take an XJR out for a spin, you will thoroughly enjoy everything the car has to offer. The unique design elements make the XJR a piece of automotive history. XJR models were only available in a few choice colors, and production was low. If you manage to find a used XJR in good shape, you’re in for something special.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
Photo Credit: James Edition

3. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

The AMG lineup has been delivering hard-hitting sports cars for decades. Some models are utilizing a supercharged V6, while others have a potent V8 engine under the hood. The AMG Line is generally a very rare addition to the Mercedes fleet and these great cars hold value. The E63 was one of the first modern AMG models to hit the market and it featured a powerful V8 engine with all of the new bells and whistles. The E63 was part of the new design philosophy at Mercedes and the car is beautiful to this day.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

Drivers of the E63 will appreciate all of the unique luxury features such as the adjustable rear seating. You and your passengers will be riding in sheer comfort when you take the E63 out for a spin. If you prefer to drive alone, the E63 is a purist sport sedan and there are a ton of enhancements that have been made. The car drives like it was designed to hug the road with an electronic sports suspension. The great thing about the E63 is that it is still a livable car to this day.

Porsche 911 Carrera
Photo Credit: Porsche

2. Porsche 911 Carrera

While the Porsche Boxster was the everyman’s Porsche, the Carrera was a $100,000 driving machine that was developed for exhilaration. Take a seat in this iconic sports car and you’ll feel the powerful V6 take you by storm. This model was one of the iconic Porsches of the new millennium. With all of its luxury options, this car was an expensive model back when it was new. But with the used car market, you can grab a Carrera for a bargain nowadays. Maintenance on these cars was not bad, and the Carrera has a pretty decent reliability rating from consumers.

911 via Bing
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Driving a Porsche is an experience, and if you’re ready to step up from the Boxster, this is how to do it. The Carrera was developed for the track, and you can feel it when you take it out on the road. Nothing is slow or outdated about this car, and even a 2005 Carrera will still garner attention wherever you go. So whether you are new to Porsches or this was your dream car, a used Carrera can be an excellent choice. The car is scary fast and provides enough options for a comfortable ride.

Lesux IF-A
Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

1. Lexus IS F

As the years have gone by, Lexus has continued to evolve into a full-fledged luxury car company. Originally, Lexus was launched with two vehicles, the ES250 and the LS400. In the late 1990s, the economy was booming and young tech entrepreneurs wanted something sporty. Thus, the IS200 was born. The compact executive car was meant to compete with the BMW 3-Series and it did in every aspect. The IS200 was fun to drive, compact, and featured a powerful engine.

LExus IF-A
Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

A cult following was gained for the original Lexus IS200. To this day the car remains popular. If you want a lightweight and reliable compact luxury car, you couldn’t go wrong with the IS200. The interior was above average and featured all of the bells and whistles you’d expect to find on a larger Lexus model. Later years saw the addition of an IS200 wagon and sport edition. Finding an IS200 on the open market is not an easy task because people tend to hold onto these vehicles for a long time. But the limited availability of this vehicle should speak volumes about its quality.

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