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21 Cars That Made Carroll Shelby An Automotive Legend

Vukasin Herbez January 28, 2020

3. Shelby Dakota

The Dakota was a compact pickup truck Dodge sold between 1987 and 1996. It was dependable, tough-looking and came with a wide arrange of engines and trim levels. But Dodge wanted more. In the late ’80s, the company envisioned a performance version.

They enlisted Shelby, who was working with Chrysler Corporation at the moment, to create it. Shelby took a regular production Dakota and installed a 5.2-liter V8 engine with 175 HP in it. Even though the power output was relatively small, the Dakota was light.

Since it had lots of torque, this compact truck delivered a convincing performance.

2. Shelby F-150

Although Shelby never got a chance to see this truck, he would approve of the insane 750 HP Shelby F-150. After all, his company and his legacy inspired the company to build it.

Under the hood is a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 pumping 750 HP and delivering a Raptor-beating performance. With its insane price tag and eye-catching livery and appearance, the Shelby F-150 is the definitive continuation of the iconic Shelby legend.

1. Toyota 2000GT SCCA by Shelby American

Not many people know that Shelby was one of the people behind Toyota’s racing success in the SCCA championship in the late ’60s. Toyota presented this car in 1967, turning the eyes of the car world to a small company from war-torn Japan. All the big car magazines of the period praised the ride and driving dynamics of the Toyota 2000GT. Despite getting only 150 HP from the high-revving 2.0-liter six-cylinder, the 2000 GT offered decent performance and almost racecar-like handling.

Despite the performance and construction, it was obvious that the 2000 GT wasn’t a race car and that it would take a magician to make it work. Shelby was that magician, and with his team of experts, he made the 2000GT one of the most accomplished cars in the series.

These are the 21 cars that made Carroll Shelby an automotive legend. Shelby had the golden touch in the automotive world. Everything he touched became a hit with performance fans, Mustang fans, driving fans, and even racing teams. His life and his infamous designs forever changed car history.

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