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’90s Sports Cars That Are Still Relevant

Cameron EittreimSeptember 27, 2019

4. Mercedes-Benz SL600

Driving a V-12 powered sports car is a dream for most people. The Mercedes-Benz SL600 is perhaps one of the finest touring coupes to have ever hit the market. Although the car was upwards of $100,000 when it hit the market, you can get one very affordably now.

The SL600 incorporated a comfortable interior and a large trunk. It will cost you quite a bit in terms of maintenance, but the result will be a satisfying experience.


3. BMW M3 (E36)

Another impressive sports car to hit the market during the nineties was the BMW M3 (E36). The little sedan was known as the ultimate sleeper, packing a powerful engine and a comfortable interior. The standard racing seats gave the car an impressive feeling, and the engine is known as one of the best.

The M3 (E36) has gone up in value significantly over the past decade and the car is still a bargain. The M3 (E36) will stand up to most modern sports cars, and with the standard transmission, that’s an impressive feat.

2. Dodge Viper

The Dodge brand was on an upswing during the nineties with the success of the cab-forward designed vehicles. But what Dodge needed was a halo car similar to the Corvette. The Dodge Viper hit the scene as one of the most powerful sports cars to hit the market.

The 400 HP V10 engine was known for its rough tone and quick acceleration. The Viper didn’t offer a lot in terms of interior refinement or comfort, but the vehicle was a beast on the road and racetrack.

1. Porsche Boxster (986)

Finally, we have the most revolutionary sports car to hit the market in decades. The Porsche Boxster (986) brought the legendary brand into the new millennium. Offering a modern exterior and interior with all of the bells and whistles, the Boxster (986) was a hit.

The Boxster (986) came in a plethora of vibrant exterior colors, and the engine was lightweight. You can still find the Boxster (986) on the used car market for an amazing deal. If there was one car that defined the late nineties sports cars, the Boxster (986) was definitely it.

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