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25 Ways To Protect Your Car From Viruses

Cameron Eittreim April 2, 2020

Dodge Viper
via: AutoWeek

2: Clean Up With Hydrogen Peroxide

If for some reason you don’t have access to disinfectant spray, wipes, or bleach, there is another product you can use to clean your car’s interior. Hydrogen Peroxide is a very effective cleaning agent. It’s also very affordable, which makes it a cost-effective way of keeping the germs in your car to a minimum. You can find Hydrogen Peroxide at most retailers, which makes it a cost-effective cleaner.

Mercury M150
via: Hot Rod

Cleaning supplies are becoming scarce, so right now you want to make sure you’re doing what you can. Hydrogen Peroxide might be the best way to get your car interior disinfected if you can’t access anything else.

Ferrari F355
via: MotorWeek

1: Use Microban 24 On Surfaces

Microban 24 cleaning solution claims to keep a surface germ free for 24 hours. If you’re tired of having to constantly clean a surface, this might be a better method to go. You’ll need to spray a liberal amount to get the job done, but the end result will be a dramatically cleaner surface that will keep your car illness free.

Ferrari 488 GTB
via: Ferrari

There are so many different ways to keep your car germ-free, but Microban 24 seems to be one of the most popular options. It is an easy-to-use spray that’s very similar to Lysol, which means you can get the interior a lot cleaner rapidly.


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