25 Ways Drivers Are Impacted By The Current Health Crisis

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Ways Drivers Are Impacted By The Current Health Crisis

The current situation has most drivers confined to their homes. Travel is basically over for now. There has never been a better time to start taking up old projects. Maybe without it having to be on the road every day, you’ll be able to get some critical maintenance done to your car. But with stores shuttering, that’s affected how we get car parts. This is something that many in the automotive world are worried about.

The automotive market is one of the most important aspects of our world. If you can’t get the parts to keep your car on the road, what will happen? That is the question we naturally have to wonder about. Read on to take a look at how the current situation has affected how drivers work on their cars.

Automotive factory in China
via: Nissan

25: Supply Chain Disruption

Right now, companies are going into overdrive to supply medical essentials. A lot of companies such as GM and Ford have jumped on board to produce face masks and ventilators. That means car parts aren’t being produced.

Automotive supply chain
via: Nissan

So that new Ford Raptor might have to wait on that tail light replacement. With things looking the way they do right now, you might not be able to get auto parts in person until the summer. In our current situation, the do-it-yourself market is going to suffer.

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