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25 Ways Drivers Are Impacted By The Current Health Crisis

Cameron Eittreim April 9, 2020

The current situation has most drivers confined to their homes. Travel is basically over for now. There has never been a better time to start taking up old projects. Maybe without it having to be on the road every day, you’ll be able to get some critical maintenance done to your car. But with stores shuttering, that’s affected how we get car parts. This is something that many in the automotive world are worried about.

The automotive market is one of the most important aspects of our world. If you can’t get the parts to keep your car on the road, what will happen? That is the question we naturally have to wonder about. Read on to take a look at how the current situation has affected how drivers work on their cars.

Automotive factory in China
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25: Supply Chain Disruption

Right now, companies are going into overdrive to supply medical essentials. A lot of companies such as GM and Ford have jumped on board to produce face masks and ventilators. That means car parts aren’t being produced.

Automotive supply chain
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So that new Ford Raptor might have to wait on that tail light replacement. With things looking the way they do right now, you might not be able to get auto parts in person until the summer. In our current situation, the do-it-yourself market is going to suffer.

Auto parts store
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24: Store Closures

With the current situation, the streets are dead. Stay-at-home orders are forcing families to stay off the streets and non-essential businesses are closed. Companies are trying to protect their employees, which means deliveries have skyrocketed. But what if you need your part today? You may have to put that do-it-yourself project off until summer.

Napa Auto Parts
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Store closures have made it hard to obtain auto parts, which is why a number of companies are trying to ramp up delivery speeds. In the interim, you might want to examine what projects are actually important.

Service Center
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23: Service Center Closures

Another business scaling back is the automotive dealership business. As of this writing, some car companies are doing a drop-off service, such as Lexus. People are forced to adjust. While you might not be able to get your car serviced, this is a great lesson in preventative maintenance. The better your vehicle is maintained in the long run, the less that you’ll have to have it worked on.

Service Center
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Getting your vehicle serviced is not at the top of most companies’ priority list right now. Service centers we’re used to seeing packed are empty.

Tire shop
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22: Tire Production

Tires are another important industry negatively affected by our current situation. How so? The tire production industry is powered by factory work. If you’ve been wanting to slap that new pair of monster truck wheels on your ride this summer, it might have to wait.

Interior of a tire shop
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With companies all over the place buttoning down, there has never been a more difficult time period to get your parts. It will get better, but for right now, it’s difficult to get most of the things you want to add to your car.

Amazon Shipping
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21: Amazon Halting Shipping

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has become a haven for people who want to find auto parts for cheaper than retail. But in recent weeks, Amazon has pushed all shipping of non-essential items a month out. The notion you need to get a fuel filter is just not important to Amazon right now.

amazon shipping
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The fact that Amazon is pushing its shipping back means it will be harder to get a cheap auto part. Drivers are left wondering what the future will hold for buying auto parts online.

Freight Shipping
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20: Imports From China

A lot of the auto parts you are familiar with come from China. If you’ve waited weeks for something, that wait will be doubled now. And don’t look forward to getting anything from overseas right now, as those imports have been stopped for the time being as the world reaches a stop temporarily.

Chinese freight
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That father-son project might have to wait for a few more weekends, because finding the parts is more difficult than ever now.

Penzoil Lube Center
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19: Lube Centers Closed

In case you haven’t noticed, getting auto parts isn’t the only thing that has become more difficult. Lube centers are also closed across the country. If you don’t want to do your oil change on your own, you’ll have to hold off on getting it done. Most lube centers have closed because of our current situation. And to ensure people are keeping a distance, there are no more drive-thru lube stations right now.

Fast lube express
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This might put a damper on your weekend plans. But actually changing your oil is not a hard thing to do. Taking the time to do it right will ensure the job gets done correctly, and you might even have fun doing it.

Curfew in Baltimore
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18: Curfews

In addition to many stores being shut down, there are also curfews in place in many large American cities. These curfews make it difficult for anyone who is non-essential to be out on the road, including auto parts deliveries. Until things start to get better, these curfews will be in place, which means parts are going to be coming slower than usual.

LA Curfew

We’ll get through this. But for now, those late-night automotive rebuilds are going to be a thing of the past. You’ll get a lot more out of your vehicle later on, but you might need to hold off on those projects.

Car body factory
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17: Plastic Production

The majority of auto parts drivers get right now are made from plastic. This means that with non-essential factories closing down, there will be less plastic produced. And that means fewer auto parts on the market. You’ll see be able to get what you need a few and far between, but the majority of auto parts will be gone for now. You might also notice a reduction in plastic accessories such as spoilers and brush guards, amongst others.

Chinese Car Factory
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The time for us to be picky is not now, and if we all work together, we’ll get through this situation. Auto parts are going to be one of the hardest-hit sectors, and this really centers around factory closures.

Final Assembly
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16: Metal Production

When you look at your car or truck, what is it made out of? Chances are its metal unless it’s fiberglass. This means that a lot of metal auto parts, such as replacement hoods and body panels, are going to be non-accessible. Metal factories are also closing down right now. You might also find it hard to obtain things like an alternator or even a starter right now because the metal just isn’t around.

Nissan Factory
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You never really realize how much you used metal in automotive parts until you aren’t able to obtain them. This is where a lot of self-employed mechanics and auto shops are going to be finding a problem right now.

Steel car bodies
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15: Body Shops

Another facet of the automotive industry that relies on replacement parts is going to be affected as well. Body shops are among some of the most profitable businesses around But when it comes to getting a fender replaced, it’s not a high priority right now. Body shops really can’t even order new parts because most of the factories are closed.

Car bodies in factory
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Once things get rolling again, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a body shop. But for right now, most of these businesses have taken a back seat to the current situation that’s going on.

Ordering car parts online
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14: Ordering Online

Most forms of online ordering have been postponed because of the current situation. This includes orders of auto parts, which have slowed considerably. You’ll notice that a lot of the smaller auto parts retailers such as Napa have closed their retail locations altogether. If you’re used to buying auto parts on the internet, you’re probably going to be sorely let down.

Car parts spread out
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The online ordering system was a great way for do-it-yourself mechanics to get a better deal on parts. Without being able to order parts online, it’s going to make some projects nearly impossible right now.

A custom hot rod motor
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13: Specialty Parts

The specialty parts market catering to the hot rod and restoration crowd is also hurt by the current situation. Because a vast majority of these customers live in rural areas, it’s hard to get parts to them. Without the ability to order online and with retailers closing up shop, things are difficult. Specialty parts account for a good portion of the automotive marketplace, so not being able to access those obviously affects drivers.

Hot rod motor
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The restoration market will end up being hurt by this for sure, and you might have trouble finding classic parts for some time into the future.

Subaru car show
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12: Car Shows

The summer is usually full of car shows where enthusiasts meet and show off their custom creations. With the current situation, car shows are going to be canceled. With this kind of change, finding rare lowrider parts you might be looking for will be hard. Whether you’re into street customs or any other type of custom car, the mixture of no parts stores and no car shows are going to be hard.

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The car show circuit is a major part of the automotive world, and without car shows going on, rare parts you’d otherwise have access to are gone.

automotive salvage yard
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11: Pick & Pull Yards

The salvage industry is going to take a hit because of the current health crisis as well. Salvage yards are closing up shop until the situation is over with, and that means going to find that bumper for your ’78 Camaro might be tough. Salvage yards are generally self-service, but there are so many surfaces you’ll come into contact with that they are just not safe right now.

Junk yard vehicles
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Nevertheless, the industry will pick back up. But if you have some sort of a salvage project, you may want to hold off for the time being.

Fukuoka Custom car show
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10: Sponsorships

Another way devoted car enthusiasts used to get car parts was through sponsorships. But with the market how it is right now, those sponsorships are going to dry up. The drift circuit has stopped for the season, as has NASCAR. Drivers have resorted to racing via I Racing and we have to wonder what kinds of changes these will bring to the racing world.

Sponsored car
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Where things will go from here is anyone’s guess, but you have to wonder if we will ever have stadiums full of racing fans again. The NASCAR circuit is just one of the many places where automotive parts companies would sponsor popular drivers. Without these sponsors, a lot of drivers are going to be missing out on income and some great parts.

via: The NY Post

9: Vendors

Parts vendors such as SLPT, the company that manufactures the majority of fuel pumps, are shuttering. These companies can’t afford to have employees stacked up on top of each other during this situation. Thus, a lot of the companies that supply parts to your local auto parts store aren’t going to be manufacturing anything. This means that you won’t be able to get parts, and if you do, you may be special ordering for a later date.

Autoshow Baltimore
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While this is a bit annoying, this is one of the reasons that auto parts stores are going to be hit hard by this situation.

Automotive Companies Shifting
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8: Car Companies Shifting Focus

Automakers are lining up to create face masks and other essentials for the medical field. When this happens, the usual parts being manufactured are put on the back burner. Getting factory-direct parts such as AC Delco spark plugs is going to be difficult. GM is one of the many automakers that have shuttered their factories, and with good reason. But it is putting a damper on the automotive parts supply chain.

Ferrari at a car show
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Time will tell how long it will take to rebuild. Older vehicles like the GM CK series of pickup trucks should be fine because there are decades worth of parts built up for that vehicle.

Scion FR-S at car show
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7: Warranties

Another aspect of this situation that is going to affect the automotive world are warranties. You might have an extended warranty on your vehicle, but turning it in for a replacement part is going to be difficult. Most dealerships aren’t honoring warranties right now, and the scope of vehicle repair is minuscule at best. You’ll find out that a lot of automakers are only doing essential services right now. Minimal things such as wiper motors are will be put off until further notice.

Blue hot rod at car show
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If your car is having trouble with internals such as the radio deck, these are also problems that you’ll be stuck waiting on.

Blue Jaguar
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6: Tires

Tires aren’t being produced right now either, and that might stay the case until the summer. Although tires are an essential thing, most automakers are shifting the focus of their factories to more meaningful items such as masks and sanitizer. In addition to the factory problem, most tire shops are closing down right now anyway because of distancing.

Ford Mustang
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This means that even if tires were being produced, you’ll still have to wait until the tire shops open back up to even get a new pair to put on your vehicle.

Mercedes CLS
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5: Wheels

Looking to get a new custom pair of wheels for the summertime? Most wheel makers are taking a break from manufacturing, and most tire shops also sell wheels. This means that if your tire shop is closed, you probably won’t be able to get a set of wheels either. This is going to let a lot of car owners down, but it won’t be forever. In the meantime, private-party transactions still might be a way to get the wheels you want.

Jaguar F-Type
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But with the way that things are going right now, a tire shop is out of the question. Most of these businesses are being shuttered for the time being.

Custom exhaust
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4: Exhaust Systems

Another facet of the automotive parts industry is the custom exhaust business. These shops are generally deemed not essential right now and probably won’t be doing much. Right now in this current climate it just isn’t the time. In addition to that, ordering a custom exhaust piece might be difficult anyway because most auto parts retailers aren’t open.

Custom vehicle exhaust
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With shipping being hampered by the onslaught of new warnings, the odds of getting a custom exhaust right now are pretty slim.

Custom Truck accesories
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3: Appearance Accessories

Perhaps one of the hardest-hit businesses is the custom accessories business. This subsect generally services people who modify their vehicle’s exterior appearance. The business, in general, has been hurt. If you’re looking to add some custom flair to your vehicle, it probably won’t be possible right now. The accessories you could get at your local auto parts retailer are out of reach.

Houston off road truck
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Even ordering a new set of lights online might be difficult, because shipping is nonexistent at the moment.

Lowered custom truck
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2: Freight

When it comes to buying something like a new motor, freight is the traditional way to ship it. But in a world where all of this is coming to a halt, finding new ways to obtain a replacement engine might be necessary if you don’t want to wait weeks or months to get it. The freight business has slowed down tremendously except for essential items, which take precedence.

Automotive freight
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People who are considering an engine swap right now might need to put those plans on pause. You’ll be much better suited to finding some sort of side project until we are able to ship and receive goods again.

Automotive workshop
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1: Catalogs

Catalogs are going to be the hardest hit because of reliance on a healthy economy to sell parts. Ordering something custom out of a catalog for your car could take months. That might not be acceptable for those trying to get ready for summer. Catalog car parts are some of the rarest.

Automotive Parts
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If you rely on Hot Rod catalogs to show you the latest gear for your muscle car, there might be a heavy wait on those parts.

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