25 Ways To Protect Your Car From Viruses

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Ways To Protect Your Car From Viruses

The current viral outbreak has changed the way we all live. With that new threat has come the need to protect our vehicles from infection. Your vehicle is exposed to more germs in daily life than anything else because your car goes nearly everywhere you do. Because we use our cars so often, the odds of being exposed to viruses in your vehicle is potentially high.

Protecting your vehicle from viruses is not as hard as it might seem. There are several steps you can do to safeguard your ride. Disinfecting and protecting your vehicle is an intensive process, but at this point in time, you must do it. Read on as we explain how to protect your vehicle during a pandemic courtesy of ABC 7 below:

Hand washing at sink
via: University of Michigan

25: Wash Your Hands Often

You’re going to have to drive at some point in time and that means you’re going to track germs in and out of your vehicle. You want to make sure that you are preventing viruses from entering your vehicle. Touching things such as door handles and items in a grocery store are just some of the ways you can contract this. You should wash your hands after you leave any public place – clean hands are a must.

Hand washing at sink
via: Medical Xpress

Hand washing should be done for two minutes. If you wash your hands often you’ll bring less airborne germs into your vehicle. Washing your hands often might make the skin dry, so it helps to keep some type of lotion inside of your car as well. If you take the time to perform proper handwashing, fewer germs will be in your vehicle.

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