via: Ford

28: Blue Disaster

This specific Mustang is a competitor in a contest of who can create the ugliest vehicle. The styling is reminiscent of that movie “Blade Runner. The car looks like a mixture of someone’s creative genius and horror, the car doesn’t make sense at all. The bumper area looks to be made of a rich texture, which doesn’t even make sense on a car of this caliber. Judging by the alloy rims, the Mustang is just the V6 variation, which doesn’t speak much to the exterior design.

Mustang SVT
via: Ford

Generally speaking, most body kits are made out of fiberglass and it would appear that the owner decided to do that on his own. The wooden roll bar on the front of the car also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, yet of course, the whole car doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. A Mustang should never hit the race track looking this awful.

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