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25 Elite Hollywood Stars & Their Jaw-Dropping Cars

Cameron Eittreim August 20, 2020

Cameron Eittreim
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11: Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians have been starring on our TV screens for almost two decades now. Following a family around that was relatively unknown before this was something that shocked the media world. Nevertheless, they’ve managed to cash in quite nicely. Kim is known to drive around in her dark grey Ferrari F430. This is a sports coupe that’s designed for serious fun while at the same time being practical.

Kim Kardashian
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With 490 to 503 hp, it’s more than powerful enough to rip up the countryside with authority. Kardashian has done a few modifications to the car such as adding aftermarket rims. It would appear from her Instagram page that she follows a color scheme with all of her cars. The F430 is just one of the many cars in her collection. Not bad for someone who gets paid to live life in front of the world.

Justin Combs
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10: Justin Combs

Diddy’s son Justin Combs also owns a Maybach. As we’ve previously stated, the Maybach is one of the most feature-laden sedans on the road and a favorite of stars. Aside from that, the Maybach has some obvious enhancements done by Diddy. First of which is the pair of aftermarket rims this model has. You’ll also notice that Justin has a driver for his Maybach, as you’d expect from someone in the music empire.

Justin Combs
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Maybachs are still one of the most highly-coveted sedans in the world, and with good reason. The sedan is the full-size epiphany of what luxury should be, coupled with a fun demeanor. It’s no surprise the world’s elite has flocked to these oversized sedans that offer a great deal of luxury.

Jay Z Maybach
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9: Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce are the ultimate power couple, so it’s no surprise they flaunt their wealth from time to time. The first way that they do this is with properties and the other way is by purchasing some crazy expensive rides. The Maybach Excelero is a testament to what the company is willing to do. This is a one-off sports car that was designed to take the driving experience to the next level.

Maybach Excelero
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The classic roadster styling and interesting concept proportions have made the Excelero a unique addition the collections of stars like Jay-Z. Aside from that, the lofty price tag of $8 million will also keep you up at night. Whether this car is worth all that could be debatable. But it is the only one of its kind in the world, making for a unique driving experience. Maybach itself has changed a lot over the past few decades.

50 cent
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8: 50 Cent

Another of the biggest stars in the rap world, 50 Cent has been rich for a long time now. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur made a pretty penny by selling his Vitamin Water company to Coca-Cola, and now he’s gone into film and television. Aside from having a diverse portfolio of businesses, 50 Cent also has quite a few expensive cars. He has often shown off his Lamborghini Murcielago, one of the most elite sports cars in the world.

50 cent Rolls Royce
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With a potent 632 to 661 hp, the Lambo is no slouch no matter how you look at it. You can buy this car and be track-ready right out of the dealership. Whereas a lot of automakers will require you to get upgrades and modifications to get the full experience. The Murcielago is a standout car that continues to impress to this day.

Nick Mason Ferrari
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7: Nick Mason

It would appear that most stars dream about owning a Ferrari at one point or another. Fortunately for Nick Mason, he went the classic route and got a Ferrari that you just don’t see too often. The drummer for Pink Floyd went back in time to get his hands on a Ferrari that looks like it rolled straight out of Austin Powers. The Ferrari 250 GTO is a unique-looking car with a lot going for it. Aside from stylistic choices, the classic piece of engineering is also a blast to drive on twists and turns.

Nick Mason Ferrari
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Ferrari has always been a driver’s car and there’s no surprise that the 250 GTO doesn’t disappoint. Sure, it went for a cool $25 Million, but if you have this much money, why? The Ferrari 250 GTO is a cool ride that will keep Mason having fun for a long time.

Steven Tyler Hennessy Venon
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6: Steven Tyler

The lead singer for Aerosmith has some awesome tastes when it comes to cars. Tyler went and got a car that you very seldom see on the open road, the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. This is a unique sports car, to say the least. With a top speed of 265.5 mph, it’s hard to imagine that most of us would ever take this sports car to that level. But on the off chance you go that fast, Tyler has a car for you.

Hennessey Venon GT
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The Venom GT isn’t the car that you want to go grocery shopping in. But it does boast one of the most extraordinary designs today. With that being said, the car also has some attributes worth considering. Its unique styling and two-seater design turn head wherever the ‘Sweet Emotion’ singer goes.

Lincoln Continential
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5: Justin Beiber

It’s hard to believe that at the start of the decade, Justin Beiber became famous for his Youtube covers. Now he’s one of the biggest stars on the L.A. landscape and offers a glimpse into what we expect out of those stars these days. One of his unique rides is a classic Lincoln Continental. The 1965 land yacht is known for its luxurious and comfortable design. The interesting thing about the Continental is that it offers quite a unique classic experience.

Lincoln Continential
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These cars are continuing to rise in value and Beiber has held onto his for some time now. The car boasts a powerful engine and a few modifications that brought it into the current decade. Things like an upgraded sound system and new wheels gave the car a trendy look.

Farrari 458
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4: Kylie Jenner

One of the youngest Kardashians has also been doing quite well for herself, whether it’s through her makeup line or clothing. This means that naturally, Kylie is going to spend on a sports car or two. The Ferrari 458 Italia was her car of choice, boasting everything you’d want in a Ferrari. The Italia was a special edition. Aside from the performance aspect, the Italia also has the name recognition that you’d expect from Ferrari.

Ferrari 458
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You don’t see these cars too often, and that’s a good thing. Instead, Kylie has kept her model mostly stock aside from some aftermarket rims. Whether you are new to Ferrari or you know every model, the 458 Italia is something special.

Kendall Jenner
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3: Kendall Jenner

Kendall went a different route than the rest of the Kardashian clan, opting for a classic restored Camaro. There’s a lot to be said about these and their value has been rising astronomically. The 1969 Camaro SS Convertible featured a blacked-out design and matching rims. Overall, the Camaro offers a great blend of substance that you don’t see in many sports cars these days. The Camaro was designed to compete with the Mustang at the time and continues to this day.

Kendall Kenner
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Kendall has managed to keep her Camaro model surprisingly stock, but some upgrades brought this car into modern times. New wheels and the upgraded suspension are the first two things that you’ll notice. Of course, you know that the sound system had to be upgraded as well.

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2: Drake

Drake is also part of the elite group of Maybach owners, except he went for the S 600 Pullman, the new top-of-the-line. When you’re a music star on the level of Drake, the Maybach simply seems like the right car to drive. The Pullman has an elongated design which makes it the perfect car to have a chauffeur. The Pullman is a car that needs no introduction and with one of the most luxurious interiors ever made, buying this car is like a drop in the bucket for Drake.

Mercedes Maybach in Drake Video
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Nevertheless, the S 600 Pullman is an awesome acquisition and not bad for a guy who was acting in a teenage drama a few decades ago. Drake has come a long way and his car collection will continue to follow. Maybach is back and better than ever, and the Pullman is the ultimate way to ride.

Leonardo Dicaprio
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1: Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has starred in some blockbuster movies over the years, and he also cares about the environment. Before Tesla became famous there was another all-electric car that the actor went for. It was the Fisker Karma EV Speedster. This was the car that Tesla ultimately got its inspiration from. The Fisker had a lot going for it and there is a modern version of the car set to be released again. The car had a stylish exterior and gave off the sense you were saving the environment.

Leonardo with Fisker Karma
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Electric cars have come a long way since the limited GM EV 1 and the Fisker Karma is evidence of that. The car had a lot that made the design unique and it gave drivers another option for an electric car. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this unique electric car as the next generation is released.

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