1. Full-size American sedan from the `60s

Yes, we know that US-built full-size sedans from the `60s are not particularly fast or sharp-handling cars that most enthusiasts crave for but they are still immensely fun and interesting cars to own. The point is that those big and heavy land yachts offer very unique driving feel and a window to a long gone era when bigger was better and when domestic car manufacturers competed in luxury and style.

There are so many interesting models from practically every US manufacturer that falls into this category. From cool Chevrolet Impalas to elegant Ford Galaxies and from Dodge Monaco to luxurious Cadillacs. All of those legendary machines are equipped with V8 engines, often with a big block which guarantees power and torque under your right foot. If you concentrate on the cars from the `60s, you can find nicely equipped sedans for under $15,000 which will provide nice driving experience, cheap maintenance, and unlimited fun.