18 Best Affordable Machines For Speed Freaks

By vukasin

Most car enthusiasts dream of filling a garage with their favorite cars. In our case, if we had unlimited money, we would have airplane hangars filled with hundreds if not thousands of different cars and trucks. Unfortunately, this will not happen so we have to settle down with choosing one of two cars which we can afford, drive and enjoy.

Today, we compiled a list of 18 most interesting and exciting driver`s cars you must own before you die. The idea behind this article is to gather information on affordable but still pretty fast and dynamic vehicles that every gearhead must own at one point in their life. We tried to combine different types of vehicles, different classes and segments which have one thing in common – amount of driving enjoyment and everlasting appeal.

Of course, we also tried to stay away from expensive hypercars or high dollar creations since the majority of car enthusiasts are people with average income. Some cars on the list are still inexpensive and some will require some saving up but they are all within reach. So, here are 18 enthusiast`s machines you must own before you die.

  1. Alfa Romeo GTV6

Jeremy Clarkson once said that you are not a car enthusiast if you never owned an Alfa Romeo. As always, he is overreacting, but owning a GTV6 is highly recommended. The Tipo 105 successor was the coupe version of the Alfetta, which was introduced in the late `70s. This car (chassis code 116) had very advanced construction and suspension and featured several interesting details. First, it had transaxle gearbox which vastly improved weight distribution, thus handling. Second, it had De Dion type rear axle which helped cornering and driving dynamics. With a 2.5-liter V6 engine in the front, the GTV6 delivered some 160-170 HP and vivid performance by the standards of the day.

Even today, GTV6 is known for its perfect driving dynamics, solid acceleration times and fantastic soundtrack from the high revving V6. Interestingly, this car was sold in USA and even sold with optional turbo kit by Callaway performance which was good for whopping 233 HP. The prices are pretty affordable and this could be a perfect starter classic if you are into Italian sports cars.