1. Chevrolet “Chev” Firenza CanAm

One of the craziest muscle cars they ever produced in South Africa is the Chev Firenza CanAm. Chevrolet introduced it in 1973 and based the Firenza CanAm on the Vauxhall Firenza. It was a two-door sedan they designed and constructed in England. However, they built it in South Africa under the Chevrolet badge.

However, the best thing about this car was the engine. It was a 5.0-liter Chevrolet V8 straight from the Z28 Camaro with performance intake and heads producing close to 400 HP. Since the Firenza body was light, the V8 could launch this homologation special in 5.4 seconds 0 to 60 mph. These were acceleration figures closer to a Ferrari than a Chevrolet. They produced just 100 Firenza CanAms, almost by hand and mostly for racing. Today, the surviving examples are quite rare and expensive.

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