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20 Best Classic American Sedans From the ’60s

Vukasin Herbez February 4, 2018

19. Mercury Park Lane Brougham

As a luxury division of Ford Motor Company, Mercury offered upscale features, elegant designs and powerful engines. But the Park Lane Brougham was the most luxurious Mercury. In fact, it was close to Lincoln in terms of prestige and elegance.

They introduced it in 1967 and sold it through 1968. The Park Lane Brougham had a plush interior and vinyl roof. It also came with leather seats along with a special list of optional extras.

20. Checker Marathon

One of the most characteristic American sedans of the ’60s is the legendary Checker Marathon, famously known as the New York Taxi. They introduced the Marathon in 1960 and sold it through 1982. It was available with a straight six or V8 engine from Chevrolet. They designed and built the Marathon to be a dependable, tough machine.

And that is why it was the definitive taxi vehicle for decades in New York and in many other cities, as well. The Marathon was available as a sedan and wagon. But it also came in the form of the interesting, rare 12-seater Aerowagon.

These are the 20 best classic American sedans from the ’60s. They stood out due to their innovative designs and powerful engines. Most car fans appreciate their contributions to automotive history.

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