1. 1962 Dodge Dart 413 Max Wedge

The early 60’s marked Dodge’s entry to the drag racing scene with several models. The first of which was the brutally fast Dart 413 Max Wedge. The 1962 Dart was a mid-size family model Dodge offered with a choice of a six-cylinder or V8 engine and a long list of optional extras. Basically, it was a high-volume car with no racing pretensions. That was until somebody shoehorned a big 413 Wedge engine with high compression and up to 420 HP.

With a limited slip differential, several rear end ratios, a heavy-duty suspension and a lightweight body with a stripped interior, the Dodge Dart 413 was a true muscle car for the dragstrip. The 413 Max Wedge package was more expensive, but still popular with amateur racers who could finally challenge the big boys and win.

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