Chasing the Wind: 20 of the Best Hood Scoops Ever Made

By Vukasin Herbez
Chasing the Wind: 20 of the Best Hood Scoops Ever Made

Whether you’re running on an old-school carburetor or rocking the state-of-the-art modern fuel injection system, you need air in to extract the maximum power from your engine. And, in most cases, cars have closed hoods. But if you have a performance car, you need a hood scoop to bring fresh air in while letting the heat escape from the engine bay.

For decades, hood scoops were the symbols of performance, sports, and muscle cars. Also, they an important part of the car’s overall design. Designers and engineers work together to produce an efficient style to feed the car with fresh air without ruining the car’s appearance.

Over the years, hood scoops have become an important part of a car’s appearance. Even with non-car people, a big hood scoop means a car is super fast. So, here are the 20 best and most memorable hood scoops they ever made.

  1. Aston Martin DB4 GT

As the renewed sports car brand, Aston entered the top speed races in the late ‘50s, briefly becoming the owner of the “the world`s fastest production car” title. Their weapon was the Aston Martin DB4 GT, a lightweight and 300 HP strong version of the DB4 Grand Tourer. In order to feed its big six-cylinder engine, the DB4 GT needed a big scoop and this became its most recognizable design feature.

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