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Hidden Gems: The Coolest Classic Car Barn Finds Of All Time

Vukasin Herbez April 21, 2023

Photo Credit: Auto Week

Bugatti T57 S Atalante

A story about the 1937 Bugatti T57 S Atalante is crazy. This car was part of a private collection in England. The owner had numerous cars and was a prominent member of the classic car community. But this Bugatti was in hiding and no one knew it existed. Even his family had no clue that he owned the cars. However, after his death, they found one of the 17 Bugattis made in a shack in amazing original condition (via Auto Blog).

Photo Credit: Pinterest

As one of the finest pre-war brands, Bugattis always fetch high prices at auctions. But the 57S Atalante, a gorgeous coupe powered by a straight-eight engine and covered with a beautiful body, is a true collector’s dream. This one found a new buyer for over $8.5 million. It could probably fetch a bit more if sold again. The wealthy customers held Bugatti’s exclusivity, performance, and unique engineering aspect in high regard, hence its extreme prices.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mercedes 300 SL Alloy Gullwing

This Mercedes was arguably the first supercar in the world. It transcended the limits of the sports car class and went beyond design, power, and technology. Using space frame chassis, a fuel-injected straight-six engine, a host of components, and race-proven parts, Mercedes created a masterpiece with unusual opening doors and fantastic performance (via Hemmings).

Photo Credit: Mercedes

A car like this one belongs in museums or even art galleries. However, one example spent days and years in a suburban garage in Santa Monica, under a pile of junk. The car was a graduation present and was purchased second-hand in 1971. It is one of only 29 made with an alloy body and semi-racing components. The owner drove it for a few years and parked it in the id-’70s. It was discovered 40 years later.

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