1. Chrysler C-300

The fastest and most powerful American production model for 1955 and the car that shook the car scene was the mighty Chrysler C-300. This was the start of the 10-year production run of Chrysler’s famous “Letter cars,” a series of exclusive, fast and expensive coupes and convertibles with maximum power, comfort and luxury. And the first car in that glorious lineup was the ‘55 C-300.

The car got its name for the 331 V8 Hemi engine. It came with 8.5:1 compression numbers, a race camshaft and twin four-barrel carburetors to produce 300 HP, a magical figure for the mid-50s. The performance was outstanding with its nine-second 0 to 60 mph time and 130 mph top speed.

Although the car was expensive and full of luxury items, it also proved successful in racing, winning 37 stock car events. Today, the Chrysler C-300 is a valuable early muscle machine and an extremely rare one, too. Chrysler built just over 1,700 of those Hemi-powered cruisers.