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60 Best Bumper Stickers Ever Seen On The Roads

Cameron EittreimApril 5, 2022

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

4: Are You Following Jesus This Close?

Faith-based bumper stickers are popular in some areas, and this is a unique one that drives the point home (via Dequan TV). There aren’t a lot of faith-based bumper stickers on the market that are as unique as this one is.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

3: Seriously?

This is no joke when it comes to texting and driving, but this driver decided to have a little fun with the seriousness of the subject (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

2: At Last You’re Honest

Park like an idiot? Well, you aren’t the only one, because apparently this driver does as well. Parking isn’t an easy thing, especially in a big city, where this driver might be from according to this bumper sticker (via Dequan TV). But with this bumper sticker in front and center display, there is no way to consider parking next to this person.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

1: The Closer You Get

Ah, finally we meet tailgaters again. There is nothing worse than someone who is intentionally driving slow. But even worse than that are tailgaters, who tend to get close to a car and make it inevitable that a crash will happen (via Dequan TV). This bumper sticker is a firm message to those people to ensure they don’t do this again. One tailgater is too many when it comes to driving.

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