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60 Best Bumper Stickers Ever Seen On The Roads

Cameron Eittreim April 5, 2022

Photo Credit: Ebaums World

17: PETA?

This bumper sticker is a bit controversial but if you see it then you probably understand the inside joke mentality of it. Don’t take this bumper sticker too seriously, but if you love meat then you can relate (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

16: Yes, This Is My Truck

Everyone assumes that if someone has a pickup truck, they automatically have to help you move. But this isn’t always the case, and sometimes pickup truck owners just get fed up with always being the ones looked at to help move (via Dequan TV).

This bumper sticker is evidence of a driver who just got a bit fed up with always being the only one to help friends move. Many aspects about this bumper sticker will incite the nerves of other drivers. This might be the reason the driver of this car chose the bumper sticker, to make other drivers angry.

Photo Credit: Car Gurus

15: Pflugerville

This is an interesting bumper sticker that pokes fun at a town in Texas. The styling is simple but you’ll definitely notice it when you’re driving behind it (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

14: Stop Looking At The Back Of My Car

Sometimes a car just has a nice rear end, and this bumper sticker helps illustrate that fact quite a bit. You’ll notice the styling is emboldened so you look at it. When you have an obscene-looking sports car like the one pictured zbove it can be hard not to look at it (via Dequan TV).

Very few bumper stickers have come off as customary as this one did. The same goes for the student driver bumper sticker which means that you should watch out.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

13: My Jetpack

This bumper sticker is slapped on the back of a slow Volvo station wagon, but if you get the joke then you’ll understand the humor behind this bumper sticker (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

12: Use Your Own Brain

Stop trying to drive this person’s sports car, you should get your own, you will be happier with the result. The Suzuki that is pictured was at one point going to be the hot new model. Now these cars have been relegated to used car status and this bumper sticker is evidence that the owner of this car still wants some attention (via Dequan TV).

This is a bumper sticker that will incite some serious emotions. Getting on the bad side of other drivers is something that many people will do by using a bumper sticker.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

11: I’m Retired

This driver is retired and they just want other motorists to go around them. It’s a rather simple request for the road (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

10: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

This bumper sticker exhibits the fact that money can’t buy happiness, but bacon on the other hand can make you quite a happy person indeed (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

9: The Older I Get

No one wants to get older, aging is not a happy thing. But, this bumper sticker shows that it doesn’t always have to be a bad experience (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

8: We Love You, America

American bumper stickers are all the rage, and if you have one that displays a good message, you can’t go wrong. This bumper sticker is patriotic, and the styling is unique considering the design. The color of this bumper sticker comes with a stern message that will make you look twice (via Dequan TV).

If you want to show your love for the country, you can’t go wrong with this one. Every once in a while there will be that one bumper sticker that stands out from the crowd and this is one of those.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

7: Feed Me

Gas prices causing you pain at the pump? This is a unique bumper sticker that sheds some humor on an otherwise painful experience (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

6: Mom Naps

Can’t find time to take a nap? We’ve all been there. Fortunately, there are bumper stickers like this one that illustrate that fact (via Dequan TV).

This mom was quite fed-up with never being able to achieve a nap, so she got a bumper sticker that vented her frustration. When it came to expressing herself, this mom did it well with this unique bumper sticker.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

5: Skeletal Message

This driver sent a simple-yet-forceful message by using a skeleton’s hand to get this point across. Not much more to say about this one.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

4: Are You Following Jesus This Close?

Faith-based bumper stickers are popular in some areas, and this is a unique one that drives the point home (via Dequan TV). There aren’t a lot of faith-based bumper stickers on the market that are as unique as this one is.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

3: Seriously?

This is no joke when it comes to texting and driving, but this driver decided to have a little fun with the seriousness of the subject (via Dequan TV).

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

2: At Last You’re Honest

Park like an idiot? Well, you aren’t the only one, because apparently this driver does as well. Parking isn’t an easy thing, especially in a big city, where this driver might be from according to this bumper sticker (via Dequan TV). But with this bumper sticker in front and center display, there is no way to consider parking next to this person.

Photo Credit: eBaum’s World

1: The Closer You Get

Ah, finally we meet tailgaters again. There is nothing worse than someone who is intentionally driving slow. But even worse than that are tailgaters, who tend to get close to a car and make it inevitable that a crash will happen (via Dequan TV). This bumper sticker is a firm message to those people to ensure they don’t do this again. One tailgater is too many when it comes to driving.

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